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Sisu 2From Pharmacy Psycho

I started this story in "The Rudest Thing a Customer has Ever Done to Me"...

I originally got the job at Hardee's (that's Carl's Jr. on the west coast) working the night shift to pay for my hobby of showing dogs. (Don't let anyone fool you into thinking you will make money breeding dogs. It's really quite the opposite!) I was working nights because I had 2 young daughters, my husband worked days and I had weekends off to show. It was a really nice arrangement for me.

As I was saying, I had been in a car wreck, had hit my head on the steering wheel (yes, I always wear a seatbelt), and was experiencing headaches afterwards. Normally we were required to eat in the small break room in the back, but because it was January and very slow, my terrific manager said I could take my drink out to the dining room where it was quiet. At that time, there were no customers in the restaurant.

About half-way through my dinner break, four guys come in that are in their late teens or early 20's. Definitely out of high school and definitely troublemakers. They ordered their meals, and out of the whole restaurant, they decided to pick a table two down from me. If my visor hadn't been on the table, they wouldn't have known I worked there since I had my coat on.

I was being very still and very quiet just trying to get through my dinner break so that my head would stop pounding. It was really hurting (I had never had a migraine before, so I didn't realize what I was experiencing). A minute later, a spitball skitters across the table and lands under my crossed arms. SHIT! I couldn't believe it!

The guys were all snickering and thinking they were funny, and I was hoping that was the end of it, but it wasn't. Another one landed in my HAIR! Okay... now I was pissed. Growing up, I had been teased a lot in school because my brother was "different", and here I was in my late 20's and I was just too fucking old for this, and so were they. I decided that if it happened one more time, I was going to have to say something... SPLAT! They nailed me right at the top of my head, and broke up laughing... that was it, I'd HAD IT!

Balls award5Before I could stop myself, my almost-full, LARGE cup of Diet Coke ended up in the lap of the prime offender! OH SHIT! There went my job. The guy of course was all indignant...


Me: "Maybe I don't like having spitballs shot at me?"

Him: "What spitballs? I'm going to report you!"

Me: "Go ahead, Asshole!"

Him (to manager): "Look what she did to me!"

Me: "He was shooting spitballs at me!"

Him: "I was not!"

Me (holds out handful of spitballs)

Manager: "GET OUT!"

Him: "I'm calling your boss!"

Manager: "Go ahead. Want his number?"

Manager (to me): "True, I know those guys are trouble-makers and if you had to hit one, you hit the right one. But it does make us look bad when you do things like that."

Me: "Sorry. I have a headache and I don't like being abused."

Manager: "They won't call. And even if they did, I would back you up 100%."

Sadly, I had to quit my job a week later due to the headaches, and even ended up selling off my dogs. I still suffer from migraines to this day (20 years later). My manager died in a car accident a year later herself, and that was hard for me. She wasn't wearing her seatbelt. She told me she was saved by not wearing it one time so she never believed in them again.

--Pharmacy Psycho



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