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This story was originally posted on August 05, 2010


Science ninjaFrom The Science Ninja

Hey, I've been watching the site for a while, and after what happened today, I thought I would post. I guess I'll call myself The Science Ninja (throwing chemical formula's as shurikens!) due to my academic choices in life.

Some background first, I don't work a permanent job. Instead, I work many one off jobs, one which I do quite regularly is waitressing at wedding receptions. Usually, you'd think people would be in a happy mood at a wedding reception, but you'd be wrong.

The first thing that happened was, while I was giving out some nibbles, I walked over to a middle age, middle class couple in the middle of a conversation.

Huge mistake. I shall call the perpetrator SOF (Snobby Old Fart).

SOF: Teenagers are out of control these days. Now look at this girl, can't be older than 14 (I'm 17, by the way) and is already pregnant! Probably working to pay for her living costs.

Now, this has happened to me before, I am not by any means a small girl. However, this hurt me because I've lost quite a lot of weight, and decreased from being morbidly obese, to normal weight.

Me: I'm sorry, I'm not actually pregnant.

Jason cigarPreviously when I informed people of this, they would usually make swift apologies.

Not SOF.

SOF: Well that's another problem, obesity. This girl has probably dropped out of school (Notice he isn't addressing me, but his "friend"), with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever, and sits at home watching telly and eating crisps all day. This girl is the reason we are in a recession!

With this I walked off, and made sure I wasn't serving him for the rest of the night. I wish now I had confronted him, but at the time I was extremely upset by this, so just left to have a cry in the kitchen.


This next scenario was later on in the wedding during the toasts.

This isn't really retail hell, just insane stupidity. Due to health reasons, I don't drink Alcohol, however the brides mother was determined to change this.

BM: Oh, dear, you don't have any champagne, why ever not?


Carolanne bald

Me: Oh, I don't drink Alcohol.

BM: Nonsense, what kind would you like?

Me: None thank you, I can't drink Alcohol.

BM: I'll go and get you some now...

Me: Honestly, it's ok, I don't... Oh, you're just gonna go get me some anyway? Ok...

I ended up just pouring lemonade into a champagne glass and pretending someone else had got me some :-)

I know these aren't really parallels to what some of you full time, permanent retail slaves have to put up with on a day to day basis, but it really made me consider quitting work altogether, and leaving the reception early.

It was sooo good to get it off of my chest!

--The Science Ninja


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