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Carolanne 019

From u/Poonjaber, Tales From Retail: 

At the time I was young and had just moved into my first apartment. I was working as a lead at a local corner store, and volunteered to work all of Thanksgiving. Everyone else rotated in small shifts to help me out during the day. Really it was more so I had company.

At the start of the day right after we had opened an older lady came in and asked if we had a few various items, I helped her find everything and she gave the usual "I'm so glad you're open, but really sorry you have to work today." In the up until about 3 we were fairly busy then everyone started settling down with their families and it was just myself and a cashier. Who left around 5 so she could go home and eat dinner. About 6 the same little old lady came back to grab some candy and was shocked to see me still working there. I explained that I had volunteered to do so, for two reasons, it allowed myself to save up a little more money, and gave all of my peers a short shift so they could spend time with their families. To my shock about 15 minutes later two men arrive, and explain that their mother asked them to load up a plate of thanksgiving dinner and bring it over. After working in retail I've seen some terrible people but to this day this warms my heart.

TLDR; nice older lady came in twice while working a double on Thanksgiving at a corner store, had her son's bring me Thanksgiving dinner.








I can remember have single people over on holidays for our large family holidays at my parents. They had a good time being around the people, games and such on a day they would have just been at home alone. Us adult kids didn't even know them sometimes, but it didn't matter. Many had to be picked up and taken home, no problem there.

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