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Retail Hell Memories: Toxic Managers - I'm Too Important To Get Out Of The Way


This story was originally posted on November 20, 2009


Asshat bossesFrom Urbanslayer

I just discovered your site and have experience this shit firsthand. I work as a server at a stir-fry restaurant that provides customers with the crap to make their own food. It can be fun but a lot of people turn it into something terribly childish and make us all think that society is starting to turn out like the characters in the movie Idiocracy. >:(

Anyway at the restaurant we have a manager that has to be the saddest example of human being. He is 43, lives alone, hasn't had a girlfriend in over 10 years (which he is proud of!!!), and is probably the biggest fuckface around.

I'll give a few example of what he enjoys doing to employees to show them the ruling power that a middle aged restaurant manager has.

1. He will stand in front of the "out" door that leads into the restaurant like its ok and then when I have to walk through I hit him and spill soup all over the place, he thinks it's hilarious and will laugh. Whenever I know he is there, I enjoy slamming the door open with my foot. One time he almost got knocked onto his ass.... he didn't laugh that time.

2. We are allowed to eat on the job. We just have to ask a manager before we do, more often than ever they are cool with it, except him. There are usually 2 managers on at once. One time, a girl asked the opposite manager if she could eat and she said yes. Once the d-bag manager saw the food though, he threw it out. His claim was that since she didn't come and ask HIM that she would have to ask his permission then and there and then pay for the food again. He claimed that since he was in the restaurant, she should have asked him. Doesn't make a fucking difference dude!!!! The other manager has as much authority as you do.

3. Trying to make stupid jokes is something he is good at, none of them are funny, the ones that he thinks are hilarious offend the mothers that work there (think dead baby, although I love a good dead baby joke sometimes, around a mother is not a good time.)

4. He always loves to shout to the world when he does something wrong. Its because he makes mistakes so little that everyone should gather around and see that he is human?? HE IS A FUCKING TWAT!!!

......and finally the whole reason I sent this in:

One day I had to change a beer keg and grabbed the empty one and took at back to the cooler to grab a new one. The Twat manager is in there doing inventory. I pass him in the cooler to go grab the full keg and start to bring it back (anyone who works in a bar or restaurant knows that kegs are not easy to carry with one hand, and we have to, cause we have a narrow cooler.) So anyway I'm walking back to the front of the cooler and he is literally standing there with a clipboard checking things off with a pencil. This is the conversation that takes place.

Douchebag story timeMe: Can you please move, this keg is heavy.

D-bag: Just move the rack, I'm busy.

Me: You're just standing there, I'm holding a 50 pound barrel with one arm.

D-bag: I'm doing manager duties, and you're a server. You can move it yourself and go around. Now be quiet I need to work!

So I move the rack and go around and then take the full keg out and switch them out. I take the other keg back and set it inside the cooler blocking the exit and this is what he says:

D-bag: You can't leave that there; it's in the way.

Me: Why don't you just go around? You're a manager and your capable of moving in a half circle motion around an object... at least I hope your capable of that.

D-bag: What did you say?

Me: Oh! So sorry, but one of my tables needs me, gotta go!

Needless to say he didn't really speak to me for the rest of the shift. I didn't give a shit.



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