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Retail Hell Underground - RHU Extended To November 4th





Happy Halloween RHU!

This is no trick, but hopefully all treat! I've decided to extend RHU posting! Sunday November 4th will have the last posts of RHU. For those of you that have sent in stories, I will be posting them on Sunday.

For the rest of the week, RHU will be posting and I hope you'll join me for the continued stroll down Retail Hell memory lane.

I don't know what my empty skullhead was thinking deciding it would be a good idea to close RHU on October 31st Halloween, and with it being on a Wednesday in the middle of the week! Ummmm...not a good plan at all, Freddy, you numskull.

I also underestimated the time needed for getting it done and my work schedule has kept me busy this week. As you can imagine this left me feeling very stressed and anxious, rushing to get posts up. This is not the feeling I want to have saying goodbye to RHU, which has been something I loved doing for 11 years and had such a great time a doing.

That's when it occurred to me that this was self-imposed stress because I'm not working for anyone here and I create my own rules! I can do whatever the fuck I want! LOL A friend said to me today, you really should just go through the weekend it's only Wednesday! End RHU on a Sunday. I think she had a great idea.

So that's what I'm doing! Slowing the RHU train down and spreading stuff out over the next four days. I want RHU to end in a way that will make it interesting and exciting for new readers in the future and comforting and fun if any of us oldies want to pop back on years from now. 

Thank you all so much for the kind comments on the announcement post and on emails. So humbling knowing that RHU was apart of a daily routine for many of you. We will always be grateful that you came by to see what was going up on RHU every day.

It has been so fun and rewarding to be going through all the old stories and pics of RHU. I wish I could repost everything! So many amazing voices over the years. 

Since RHU is going a few days longer, I'll accept anything you all might want to send in the way of stories or pics or if you have a favorite RHU story that I haven't already posted that would be fun for the last days, send me the link.

Have a spooky fun filled Halloween and stay clear of those Monstrous Custys!




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Heh. I just figured it was because it was a favorite holiday and went with the skull theme. I didn't even realize it was Wednesday...

Kai Lowell

Same here, tbh.

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