Bookstore Discount Rat Loses Coupon Battle
Awesome Customers: Two Sisters are Admonished by Customer After they Berated Cashier For Register Going Down



The last time a customer had written see I.D. on the back of their card. She was talking to people, we had long lines, and she didn't think she'd need to, since she was a regular customer. I loudly said "Excuse me, but I need you to give me a picture I.D. because you wrote see I.D.". I don't know if she did it because she thought we knew her so well, or was going to try and make a fuss because we knew her so well. I was not giving her an opening to bitch about it, and made sure everyone knew what the delay was, plus being loud was the only way to get her attention. Yakety Yak shut your yap and show me your I.D.

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