Dumbass Customers: “That doesn’t make sense”
The New Ten Commandments For Customers



Why assume the site you found the hours on is correct for that day. I got sick of sites listing places to eat all over town when they've been gone for up to a decade. I sent emails to these sites one day to get them off the listing so when you looked for a place to eat it didn't look like our town had some place to still eat out. I got about 10 chain fast food places unlisted. All of them still had old business hours posted online with the fictitious store.


You can't blame 'not the store's site' for that, though. :P I've called to see if a store is open before, but it was under unusual circumstances (holiday, not my normal day working so I don't know if this is their day closed, hurricane, etc), but in those cases I say that I wanted to see if you were open today.

If the place is closed, it's unlikely anyone will answer the phone unless the caller ID shows a number they know...


(Razzafrazzin superfast fingers)... and saying 'are you open' or 'I wanted to see..' is not as rude as "click".

McHell Manager

I answer my work's phone all of the time after closing. There are multitude of reasons. Customer got an order wrong and while I can not fix it at the time, I can write down their name so the next time they come in we can fix it. Or an employee calling off due to emergency issues, or as others have pointed out, the website and google both had our times marked down wrong (we have since gotten that fixed). We have caller ID, but as many of our employees don't have their names connected to their phone numbers, it just shows up as "Caller XXX-XXX-XXXX" and I do not have 30+ numbers listed.

So yes, I have gotten plenty of phone calls before and after hours and will gladly tell a customer when we are open until.


When I call a place just to see if they are currently open, I'll generally ask something of substance, like "what time do you close?", "what are your hours?", or "where are you?", so that it's not a wasted call on either end.

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