Retail Hell Memories: Girl couldn’t understand why stealing was a fireable offence
Cashier Warning Signage at a Pizza Buffet



"What does 'click on the icon' mean?"...the fifth time in two minutes.

McHell Manager

I have had my fair share of really stupid questions, but the biggest one off of the top of my head right now is "Is this real ice?" when I handed a guy his drink when I worked at McD's

Misty Meanor

If I had the time I'd share the many stupid questions!


When you work in a store that exclusively sells items for one dollar, and the frequently most asked question is "how much is this?". There are literally signs on the wall saying everything's a dollar.


There was a comedian who did a bout about that once...guy brings up a double handful of stuff and dumps it on the counter at a dollar store. "How much are these?" Guy behind the counter sorts them carefully into two piles. "These are a dollar each, but those are a buck."

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