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From College Bitchstore, January 2010:

I work in a college bookstore, where normally, it's fairly quiet, with the occasional bitchy customer, but nothing too extreme. 


Our return policy states that you have 5 days from the start of the semester to return your books (in this case, undergraduate classes start on a Monday, so you have until Friday to return your books). It's short, and it's ridiculous, but that's how it is (unfortunately). 

Anyway, a customer came in about three days after the return period had passed. He came to my counter (since I was lucky enough to be on returns) and asked for a refund. 

I asked him if he was an undergrad, and he said yes. I told him that the return policy had passed and that he could not get a refund. He got agitated and said that he had seven days to return the book. 

I told him that the return policy (which, by the way, is stated verbally by every employee and also printed on the back of the receipt, which we also point out) had ended last Friday and that I couldn't do anything for him. 

He gets pissed and asks for my manager. I go and get my manager and explain the situation to her , and she agrees to come talk to him. 

The exchange goes something like this:

Jason 030aCusty: [suddenly in a nice demeanor] Hi, yeah, I bought a book last week, and it turns out that my roommate had the same book so I didn't need to buy the book after all, so I need to get a refund.

Manager: I'm sorry sir, we can't give you a refund.  *turns receipt over and points* Our return policy states that you have five days from the start of the semester to return it, which was last Friday.

Custy: But my class started on Tuesday.

Manager: I understand that, sir, but the policy goes by the start of the semester, which started last Monday.

Custy: [sounding arrogant] Well...I'm going to get my attorney involved.

At this point, I'm like WHAT.  I have to look at my feet at this point to avoid laughing, and my manager is purposely avoiding eye contact with me to avoid laughing too.

Manager: You...what?

Custy: If you don't give me this refund, I'm going to have my attorney give you a call.

Manager: Alright.  Have him do that.

Custy: And what is your name.

Manager: My name? It's [name].
Custy: Alright, [name], I'll have my attorney give you a call.

And with that, the custy storms out and I burst out laughing...and so do several other people.

One of my coworkers said that the same douchebag came in later, looked around, and told them that he'd "be seeing them soon." 

WTF.  So far, we haven't heard from any attorneys...what the hell could they do anyway?  Gahhhh!!!!

-- College Bitchstore Girl CBG





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