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RHU PET PEEVES 1From Management Bitch Slave

1) Do not snap, whistle, or beckon me like a dog when you need my attention.

2) For God's sake, put your friends, sugar daddy, or drug dealer on hold. Your phone call or text is of no concern to me. Whether you think so or not, you're holding up the custys behind you.

3) NO, I DON'T have an extra coupon for you. You should have been in here for the three weeks we handed them out. If I don't have the proper number of coupons vs. the amount I rung in, I'M in trouble.

4) Just because you chat me up over my John Lennon tattoo, or my Women's Champion t-shirt (yes, I kick ass in the rasslin ring) and think we bonded over a pro wrestling chat, doesn't mean I'll hook you up with a discount. Don't even try it.

5) The return policy is the return policy. Just because I am the manager doesn't mean I'll break the rules for you, ESPECIALLY if you're coppin' a 'tude at me.

6) Just because it's on our website doesn't mean it's in our particular location. I don't mind calling and asking other stores if they have it, but don't freak out on me when I say we don't carry it.

7) If you bring in a boatload full of children, it's YOUR responsibility to watch them, NOT mine. If they knock over a mannequin, or spill their cheerios, or GOD forbid soil themselves in my store, YOU clean it up!

--Management Bitch Slave



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