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RHU Pet Peeves: We're Human Too, You Know



1) Agreed with the cell phone. I will just ask my questions to you anyways.

2) Don't treat me like I'm am idiot. I have just finished my master's degree. I have been working here PT to go through school. The job market is crappy right now.

3) I don't set the prices. If the signage is different that what the item rings up, I HAVE TO HAVE SOMEONE CHECK IT. This doesn't mean I'm calling you a liar. I can't just override a price because you saw a sign.

4) I don't make the return policies. Call corporate.

5) I HAVE to ask you to apply for the company credit card. Please don't laugh in my face when I offer it. A simply "no, thank you," is great.

6) Seriously? You are getting pissed about the price of our cheap merchandise??? I work discount need to reevaluate your life if you are mad that we ran out of the item that is special today for $1 that used to be $3.50.

7) I am good at my job. If you come in a lot, I will remember you. If you treat me nice, I will be nice to you. If you are rude, I will remember that, too, still be nice to you, but I will still remember that you had been rude to me.

8) Don't complain to me about things you don't like about the store/company. Use the internet/toll-free numbers provided to contact customer service! I will not stand there and bad-mouth my company with you--they treat me well.
9) Just because it's online, doesn't mean we have the style in stores or the sizes. Please read!

10) Yes, I know it's annoying, but you NEED YOUR RECEIPT to do ANYTHING, even an even-exchange. Also, 92 days is still over the 90 day return policy. Not my fault you missed it. I can't take it back.

Whew! Thanks for letting me vent. Customers can make for an awesome day at the register or make me cry when I get home at the end of my shift. Spread the kindness!



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OMG, I hate customers that bad mouth the company and expect you to commiserate with them. Look, even if I agree and I think the company sucks, I can't say anything negative about them. I'll get fired faster than you can say sucks

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