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Carolanne 003From RHUer

I'm not sure if I sinned or not in the past, RHU. I'll leave the verdict in your hands.

I was in a Bullseye, and the one thing they tended to be really rabid about is pushing their 22% interest store credit card. I don't want it. I don't need it. And it's 2008 when every-fucking-body is broke in the recession and market housing crash. Not that Bullseye cares.

But when I'm rung up, guess what pops up on the screen? Yup, the prompt to offer the credit card.

Cashier: "Would you like to sign up for our store card?"

Me: "No thank you."

Cashier: "You get blah blah percent off, even if you aren't accepted."

Me: "I'm not interested, thank you." I start gathering my bags.

Cashier: "Would you like a pamphlet to tell you more about it?"

(Okay, I've been patient, but now I'm getting rude. I know it's not the slave's fault, and I know their manager is likely hounding them, but I've already refused twice now.)

Me: "No. I don't want your card, and I don't want your damn pamphlet. I just want my receipt and my purchase."

Cashier: "Okay, I'll just put this in your bag in case you change your mind."

Freddy2 027And he shoves it into my bag before I can bat an eye.

Aaaand this is where I snap.

I reach into the bag, yank the pamphlet out and rip it into quarters in front of him, God and about four customers in line. I raise my voice and yell.


I crumpled the remnants into paper balls and left them.

I complained to the manager, who basically spent ten minutes trying to explain why I didn't have the right or privilege to say 'no' to a credit card, because even though I had refused, there was still a hint of a glimmer of a possibility that I would change my mind.

I told the manager, in some rather rude language, that if he treated women the way he treated customers, that it was a wonder why he wasn't in jail for rape. (Not... not the best comparison, thinking back on it, especially in today's climate. I'm not proud of myself for that outburst. *cringe*)

I ended up filing a complaint with corporate that I didn't appreciate their employees trying to force me to take a credit card application after telling them 'no' several times. I refused their limp noodle apologies in the form of coupons and other mealy mouthed excuses and told them that if their store cannot take "no" for an answer, I was going to take my business elsewhere. (Urgh, I hate that line, and do my best to avoid it, but I think my filter had, by then, thoroughly popped off and it slipped out anyway.)

On one hand, I understand that Bullseye will fire you if you don't get enough sign ups. On the other, I didn't want it, I made it clear I didn't want it, and that employee and the manager basically tried to force the issue by shoving it on me anyway and then tried to justify it.

Retail sin?





You were polite once, annoyed once, and pissed once. I think that they deserved it. You called corporate and said the words that will actually make them pay attention, 'business elsewhere'.

They're forced to push it, but 'no' should be sufficient. I'd probably have just dropped the thing on the floor on the way out, myself.


I stopped going to Sears after trying to buy one thing for less than $20 and telling the cashier I did not want their credit card she still pushed it for 5 minutes. I needed the thing which was only in stock there or I would have thrown the damn thing through the wall. Yes I did tell corporate off for setting card quotas and never went back to any of their stores again. They're doing really well right? Those tactics don't lose just a couple customers. That's why Kmart lost most of it's customers to Walmart in our town. Shop a store that harasses you or the store that doesn't. Kmart is gone Walmart still here.


I also think federal law should require certification for any person offering a card, and a yearly fee of say $1,000 or more for each person getting certified. That would limit credit card quotas a thing of the past and they'd have one person at the service desk you could go to for a store credit card.


More people need to call corporate and tell them to stop it. Some clerks are so afraid of losing their jobs over missed quotas on these stupid things that they panic and go overboard pushing them. Example: Wells Fargo with their unreachable quotas that led to all those fake accts being opened.


Sears bought Kmart, and has now closed all of them in Florida at least, and the Seasrs stores are circling the drain too...

My current go-to move for pushy salespeople after I've said no once is to fail to hear anything else that doesn't progress the transaction. "Your total is X, would you like the credit card?" "No, thank you." "You'd get exty percentage off your purchase blah blah..." (silence, Prolonged Eye Contact. Tigers take eye contact as a threat/display of dominance, and as a result, I rarely look at people directly for more than a second...but I have one intense stare when I want to use it. Fluttershy got nothin' on me.) After a few seconds they wilt and continue...

(The video I'm referring to by that: )


Heh. My credit's been in the crapper since the recession and all my medical issues hit, so if it's quick, I'm usually like "Yeah, why not?" because I know my application will be rejected. IDK if a rejected application helps the cashiers, but I know they've got a quota, and I don't mind taking 2 minutes to apply for a card I know I won't get


My store doesn't have quotas per se. The store as a whole has a weekly, monthly and yearly goal, we keep momentum going among the cashiers with small prizes at store discretion (usually candy bars) and raffle tickets (entry to win a gift card) for every card they get.
You can't get in trouble for not getting applications. You can get in trouble for not asking. That's all.

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