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Secret Shopper Hell: Stopping Them Cold


Carolanne 005From Dr_StrangeloveGA, TalesFromRetail

I detest secret shoppers with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns. They lie, they don't follow their shops, and half the time when I was in wireless, they just ran in, grabbed someone's business card and ran out.

The one time I was faced with a write-up for a shop, I knew who the shopper was. I asked what the profile was, it was supposed to be a shopper alone asking for a family plan. I knew who the shopper was because of the few questions she asked. She had a friend with her. I gave her the full sales spiel, much to her annoyance, as she clearly wanted to be gone.

"Pull the tapes," I said.

"Not allowed," I was told.

"I see, in that case, seeing as how I'm not allowed to defend myself, I'm not taking a write-up based on the fraudulent actions of someone who is not only not a member of management of this company, but is not even an employee of this company. I'd like for this to be forwarded to HR and will not speak to you about this subject until an HR representative is present."

Magically, it suddenly wasn't such a big deal at all.

By the way, I kept my job and worked many more years for the company.




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