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Shoe Mismates Hell



From Mimi in San Diego, October, 2008:

Day 66.6 1/2:

Still working on shoe mismates....

Somewhere there is a pirate and a manatee that's right footed in 3 different sizes. I shall find them and kill them in the name of Retail Hell.

That's the only reason I have to why I'm still working on shoe singles.  At least this week I have them color coordinated.... It didn't make it any easier.

Stay classy San Diego, and put your damn shoes in the right place.







Either people aren't putting them back in the right place or you've been hit by a 1-legged thief.


I went a Kmart that was liquidating and found a cute pair of shoes 75% off. I only tried on the right one as the sandals I had on were a hassle to remove, it fit fine off to check out. The cashier checks to make sure they are both size yeti and noticed they were both right shoes.😑 No shoes for me.


Well, at least they checked, and you didn't end up stuck walking in circles... "Size yeti", heh. Last time my hindpaws were measured, they were 13 EEE. My brother said 'them's pod feet!' and the shoe store guy said I wore the same size as the Lunar Lander...


My sister was complaining how she had to go buy her daughter new new shoes a couple days ago. A week before she she bought her kid 2 different sized shoes that were hurting her kids feet the 2 days she had worn them. Now you know one reason there are unmatched shoes at the end of the day. Neither of the original shoes fit either, she needed larger shoes than both of the ones she had taken up to check out. Sister was frazzled and clerk not checking that the shoes matched sizes. Kid took 2 days to complain, because they were special shoes she had wanted.

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