Fast Food Hell Crazy Customers: Cherry Coke Lady and Oreo Shake Guy
Monstrous Customers: Working at clothing store for 'Older Women'



An old one, but always funny.



Shit man, in my neck of the woods, the girls sell out quick. Just a block down to the pot shop and they make their goals....


I can entirely believe that's the cookie pushers' heavy division. :P If they'd quit cancelling the cookies people like, I'd buy more, even though I shouldn't have them.

One of the bosses at work bought a metric fuckton of thin mints and shortbread (bleh), for everyone. I managed to snag three boxes of the mints, even though I work nights; they left a box of shortbread on my desk for me, and mints for my counterpart, and we both hated the ones we got, so we traded. And there were like five boxes of the thin mints left in the pile upstairs after everyone finished gorging, so I snaffled a couple more to squirrel away for later. There were still around 50 boxes of shortbread. :P

I miss the peanut butter ones.


Yeah, the peanut butter ones, and those caramel ones with the coconut are my favorites

Kai Lowell



Samoas, Tenebris? My mum loves those. I probably would too if I could eat coconut.

Kai Lowell

(...aaaand I typoed the typo on autopilot. "agresive".)


I had to google those, but yeah, those're the ones. Sooooo good. I can go through a box in one sitting if I'm not careful

Kai Lowell

My favorite have always been the thin mints, but these days I can't really eat much sweet stuff at all, so it's not even worth getting any...


Same here... I save the thin mints for when I've had a supremely shitty day and need to prevent myself being shown on tv with people saying things like 'but he seemed so quiet'...


In Gotham, there's a scene where 2 girls chase after a guy demanding he buy their cookies, this is due to a chemical being released in the air.

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