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I'm not sure I agree the truck driver is in the wrong. The motel advertised truck parking and it appears the parking allotted was deficient.

This reminds me of a time I took a motel room late one night, though only 45 minutes from home, rather than driving all the way home, because I was too tired to continue. The "implied warranty" of a motel room is that it is suitable for sleeping in. Well the room itself was fine, but the garbage truck arriving at 5 AM outside my room, shattering my sleep, rendered it UNfit for sleeping. The motel offered me a discount, which I refused, and the chain refunded my money.

I paid for a place to sleep, and the motel's incompetent scheduling of garbage collection rendered it unfit for that purpose. I have no qualms about this outcome.


Dear Jonny,

We are paying your claim for $300 for damages to your tires.
We are enclosing a bill for damage to our landscaping feature in the amount of $500.

You owe us $200.

Have a nice day!

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