Monstrous Customers: Bakery Blooksucker
Discount Rat Revenge at Shoe Store



Looks like what we used to see get passed around places I worked every once in a while. before the internet was a thing that most people had. I had a collection of them, but I don't know where they went. Half my collection was done on a typewriter originally.


Yeah, used to be called 'fax lore', most of the ones I saw early on were originally typewritten then photocopied/faxed so many times you couldn't read them anymore...

Dafuq does: "Our unit has state of the art equipment: Someone jumped out of a parachute a few years ago and we got a bladder scanner" mean, though?

Kai Lowell

The bladder scanner part is clearly ultrasound, but I've got nothing on the parachute bit.


Yeah, it's the juxtaposition of the two that's confusing me. "Someone jumped out of a parachute (A bad idea in any case) and (as a result) we got a bladder scanner."

Kai Lowell

Yeah, not seeing how those connect...this must be some sort of slang. I might google it.

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