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From Jaimee, January, 2010:

I work part-time in a clothing store in the middle of a mall, but I am also a student at 2 local universities (long story) full time, working towards my Bachelor's degree in social work. 

As part of my Sociology of Crime class, I had the opportunity to tour our lovely city's correctional center. It was pretty decent. My class got a chance to visit just about every unit, from admittance to high security. 

This little anecdote happened while we were in the high security unit. 

It really looked like a jail over there--steel bars, boarded over windows, lots of concrete, and burly-looking guys in orange jumpsuits. 

Our group was in the office, speaking with the correctional officers, asking questions and such. The one officer spoke about how he had to "make sure they didn't wreck the times!" 

Someone in our group asked if he was stressed at work (after all, it's a high-security unit.  And those guys looked scary). 

The officer replied, "Actually, this is the least stressful job I've ever had.  I used to work in retail."

So there you have it!  Working in prison is more relaxing than retail!











I guarantee it's not. I know a prison guard that's a war veteran. They will try to kill you at anytime, and you better not forget that on your rounds.


He would also say it's very stressful to be clear.

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