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The Race Card Backfires


PET13From Steph

I actually saw an absolutely hilarious encounter in my pharmacy of the race card being pulled.

Pharmacist, who is black: "Unfortunately, your insurance won't cover your prescription. I'm afraid you'll be charged the full amount for the medication. It's going to cost you $$$. Do you still want me to fill it?"

Customer, who is also black: "You're a filthy liar! You just won't give me my prescription because I'm black!"

Pharmacist stares at her like she's the biggest idiot in the world. Pharmacist slowly raises her hand, and points sharply at her own face, still staring.

The customer started to squirm, then quickly left without another word.





That is a sign that she uses that line so often, it's become her default setting.


Yup. Can't force another company to pay for her crap? Racism. Can't bend the laws of physics? Racism.

"It's people like you that give people like you a bad name."

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