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Thrift Store Hell: Heavenspawn Encounter


HeavenspawnFrom Puppies In Prada

Had another heavenspawn at the registers the other day at my Thrift Store. She's with her parents and buying a few toys.

Now, it's the end of the day, so we're all tired, and just want people to go home. But when this kid comes up, I pull it together. She has a pouch full of loose change (normally that's a bit of an 'oof' for most cashiers) and she wants to buy the playset she found.

Her total is $2.50, and she proudly spreads approximately $0.15 on the counter.

Kid: "Here you go, $15."

I can feel some amusement roll through me, but I refrain from laughing. She's young, still learning, and hasn't sorted out the difference between cents and dollars yet. Best not to make her feel self conscious about her mistake.

It's all good though, her parents are right there and start to help her in that respect.

Soon a fist full of change is on my counter, as they start to help her figure it out, reminding her that $0.15 is the same as 15 pennies, and the total is $2.50, so she needs a bit more than she has out.

Carolanne and thenI step in and count the change, out loud, in front of her. She may or may not have a big enough grasp of money to keep up with fast counting, so I do it slowly. We make it through some quarters, but also nickels, dimes and pennies. I balance it, because I have to count this out in less than five minutes, so I don't want ALL pennies, or all dimes, etc.

I take the right amount, and let her put the excess change back in her pouch.

I got thanked by both of her parents for being so good about it and for being patient with her. Apparently she'd been saving up her change and this was her first "big" purchase.

I thank them back for bringing up such a good customer, and they head out into the night with the playset.

I was tired and done with customer service for the day... buuut that ended the night on a good note, so I felt better about humanity, just a little.


I saw that folks are wondering where I'll move once RHU shutters its inbox. The answer is... Well, I'll probably post my stories in RHU Facebook. If you're not already a member, you may want to apply. There are a few small requirements to get in though.

This also means that I'll be dropping my moniker, and you'll know who I am. I'm okay with this, and when the time comes, I hope to see you all there!

--Puppies In Prada




Will miss your stories; I don't do facebook.

There's also the Discord I created, RHUFugees, that everyone is welcome to join. You can email me at and I'll send you the link. ('You' being anyone interested. :P)


I deleted my Facebook account early 2013. Only used it for free software where you had to like it to get it. I then went and deleted my like the next day. The only information I had was my name and a picture for Kingdom of Loathing, the stick figure with a martini glass and sword in hand.


I had coworkers say they looked me up on Facebook and they'd be you don't have anything on it. That's right. Did you like my picture?


Heh. Even having 'deleted' the account they still track you... if you've ever logged in on that computer, every time you go to a website with a facebook like button it records it.

I'm not the tinfoil hat type, this is actually true.

They'll get some information from me, but I have no intention of making it easier.

Kai Lowell

I shot an email off to you TT - did it not go through? Be glad to send it again if not.


My name and personal pictures are not out there for the public with a bunch of Facebook postings, as witnessed by nosy coworkers.


I dunno; unless you put a name I know you by in it, I'm mainly just replying to them with the invite link and deleting the message... feel free to send another tho.

I work nights and tonight is a day off, so I've been playing games and watching videos on and off, so I may not see it for a bit, but as soon as I get it I will.

Kai Lowell

It'd have come through under this name - I'll resend, I'm guessing my email ate it. It's been hungry lately. Not enough bytes. :P

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