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Thrift Store Hell: Men's Restroom Horror



From Nicole, September, 2008:

I work at a small thrift store, and each of the slaves that works there has to clean the public bathrooms once a week, before the store opens. Well, my coworker called in sick on her bathroom day, so guess who got stuck doing it for her?
So, after cleaning the women's restroom, I opened the door to the men's. I was immediately hit by a wall of filthy stench. Walking farther into the room with my hand over my nose and mouth, I suddenly saw the source of the stench.
Some filthy asshole (literally) had taken a shit IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR. It didn't look like he had an accident and didn't make it to the toilet. He seriously must have just exposed his nasty ass, squatted, and taken a dump. In the middle of the floor. Deliberately.
It took me hours to clean it up, and I thought it could never get any worse. I was wrong.
Later that day, my boss informs me that one of the toilets in the same fucking bathroom has overflowed, and I got to wade into the putrid six-inch-high shit flood, wearing thigh-high rubber boots.
I had to unclog the drain in the middle of the floor, unclog the toilet, and shovel chunks of slimy shit into trash bags. I think they should make a horror movie after my story.










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