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OLD-PEOPLE-HELLFrom Puppies In Prada

Donation door time! The door wasn't really that bad on this day. I had five people, and they all wanted to donate the maximum amount we could take from a car in a day. Annoying, but tolerable. I called for assistance in processing it and got it. Awesome.

Scotty comes down at five minutes to the end of the hour, when we had a moment of quiet. He's next hour's door shift.

A car pulls in, and an old lady hops out of her car really fast. She sprints to the back of her car, grabs something and puts it by our door. We open the door and find  one of those covered cat litter boxes.

Scotty: "Hey ma'am, I'm sorry, but we can't take litter boxes."

He bends down to pick it up and the top comes RIGHT OFF. There are three inches of used cat sand in the bottom. Holy mother of Thrognar I can SMELL the cat piss.

Old woman: "Well I can't take it with me."

Me: "Well you're going to have to, because we cannot accept this. We don't take in anything that has been exposed to feces or urine."


My god she's telling us we have to take something we can't take like she's a scolding mother to a stubborn child. HELL NO lady!

Carolanne 003Me: "No. No we're not."

I pick up the cat litter box and put it right back into the back of her car.

Me: "YOU brought it here, so YOU are going to find another place for it. We will not accept this."

Old woman is old woman angry now.

Old woman: "What if I dumped the cat sand out of it first!? Will you take it then?"

Me: "No ma'am, it will have still been exposed to cat feces."

And also, she's the kind of person who will just walk to the edge of our parking lot and just upend it there... I can see it in her eyes. Nope. Nope. Nope. Just... Nope.

She looks furious, but both Scotty and I are standing in the doorway watching her. There's no way for her to just dump it and run without us interfering.

After she drives off...

Me: "...We're 'just going to HAVE to take it'? Okay, I know she's a woman but... the BALLS on that lady, man..."

Scotty: "I'm REALLY going to have to step up on getting work done on my doomsday device...."

What's that you say? Did I wash my hands a thousand times after picking that thing up?

Why, yes!

Yes I did!

--Puppies In Prada



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