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Carolanne 047z

From Ginger, March, 2009:

Hope you are all surviving out there. Today I'm ranting a bit about shoplifters.

I work in a glorified thrift store. You can get a coat for your kid for less than $15 or pair of shoes for less than $5, yet for some ridiculous reason we have a huge shoplifting problem.

We can't say anything unless we actually see someone take something. We have had to start locking our public restroom and now have to let people in with the key each time. We have to keep one shoe of each pair behind the counter. Coats and anything over $10 has to have an ink tag on it.

We saw a woman take her son out of the store, sit down on the steps with him, pull a pair of shoes out of her purse put them on him, right in the front door. This incident was what started the holding of one shoe behind the counter policy. It's a total retail pain in the ass. We have 26 baskets full of single shoes behind the counter and have to find the mate to the shoe the customers want when they are ready to check out. It's a disaster! Our manager however, hilariously informed me of the new policy right in front of our shoe-lifter!

Another night a couple of women came in with several kids and ripped tags off of about $80 of merchandise in the restroom and walked out with all of in the bags. One of the items was purple coat. About a week and a half later, they came back and the little girl was wearing the coat. Our manager  made a big deal about how cute the coat was and such. She had the other employees followed them around to keep them from walking out with anything else.

I've asked a couple times for people to tail possible shoplifters and they don't even try! Plus it's our slow season and that means people are getting sent home or their hours are getting cut. It's a turn-based system. If I get cut tonight, then someone else gets cut tomorrow. One of our girls is refusing to go home when someone has to and also coming in early for her shift. OUr new assistant (who I cannot make myself like) let her stay when she came in early and made me leave. WTF?!! I need hours too! Stingy beeeotches!







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