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Its the Stay-Puft potato chip bags! Mr. Stay-Puft would never hurt us!


Opening a box packed at sea level when you're in Denver probably requires safety glasses for when it explodes in your face.


People would complain about the bagged salads doing this. "I saw on youtube that bloating means it went bad." no, that is brand new, it is just the gases. More fun was when something swelled up enough to pop in the box so you could get a surprise when it was time to stock.

Kai Lowell

Naw TT, Denver's only a mile above sea level. Now, up in the mountains, which is where that likely is...


"Only". :P The highest point in most of Florida is like 141 feet above sea level... When I went to San Francisco I very nearly crapped myself driving down one of the streets to get out of town... pull up at a stoplight and it looks like a sheer cliff in front of me, I can see all the way to Japan and there's no visible road... The person I'd gone to see said "The light's green, you can go."
"Sorry, I'm trying to overcome existential terror for this Indiana Jones style leap of faith...I'm a flatlander, this is terrifying."

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