Hellspawn Destroy Walmart Cereal Aisle
When Bad Custys Act Up in This Hosiery Dept...

A Final Toast From Misty Meanor



Misty Meanor here.

With Retail Hell Underground coming to an end, I figured it was time to raise my glass of soda one last time and sound off one last time.
I had a brief job working at a party store, and all I can say is that when Halloween comes around, so do the piggy crusties! People, please pick up after yourselves!
I'm hoping to find a new job again soon.  Where that is, only Thrognar knows!
All I can say is that as long as Mr. Lazy, Puddles, Grouchy Granny, and all the other crusties I've hated stay away from me, that's all that matters to me!
With this being my final message, I bid you all the best in the world and then some.  I wish your custies to always be however you desire them to be! I've enjoyed reading your stories and I hope you continue to do your best to battle the crusties!
*raises her glass of soda in a toast*

Here's to Thrognar protecting us retail slaves! Signing off for the last time!
--Misty Meanor

















Cheers, Misty! I've enjoyed your comments and your stories, and I wish you all the best in your future retail endeavors. May all your managers have spines, your spawn be heavenly, and your crusties be sane!

Hail Thrognar!

Kai Lowell

*raises bottle of Pepsi*

Best of luck to you, Misty! May the custies be kind and the aisles be tidy.

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