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Adventures with Cartie: Meet Killer


Dec09 025

From December, 2009:

I was walking down the streets of NYC on December 23rd and what do I see in the lobby of some office building? A cousin of Cartie's that looks quite dangerous! I deemed him "Killer"! Killer Cart was parked next to a Christmas Tree and presents. I went inside and talked to the security people. They had no clue why Killer was there and what Killer represented in the way of holiday decor. Whatever the reason, this testosterone cart rules the aisle way and parking lot! Nobody will fuck with Killer!

Dec09 026

Black Friday Shopping Cart Joust anyone?

Dec09 029

Even a seat for the little Hell Spawn.

Dec09 030 
Driver view: Move out of the way or become shopping cart kabob.



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Maybe to carry a tree? It's the right shape... :P Or some idiot's 'art' project,


Paging pyramid head...please come get your cart. You left it in the parking lot and it's threatening the other carts again.

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