The Customer is Always.....
Just Another Day in Retail Hell For Carolanne

Cashier Hell: Pervert's Day of Reckoning



From RHUer:

During my (thankfully) brief career in the grocery industry, we had a regular pervert.  He would ask the cashiers if they were bad and needed a spanking.  It was a waste of time to report it to the boss, he didn’t care about any of us.

One night, he came in with a jacket with a familiar manufacturing emblem.

Me:  Hey, do you work for (company)?

Pervert:  Puffs chest proudly: I do!

Me:  My Dad’s company buys from your company.  (States Dad’s company and his name)

Pervert:  Turns pale, Oh yeah.

Me:  I’ll tell him you said hello.

Pervert rushes out of store and never comes through my line again. 

I still have a good little giggle over it.



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