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Clothing Store Hell: A Shitty Mystery


Carolanne 023


From Liss, July, 2008, 

 "My Mom used to work at a clothing store in a plaza, and they had this little secret door/cubby outside where they put their sale banners and whatnot.

So she went to open one morning and this overly dramatic girl started screaming, and my mom ignored her, because she was stupid and overly finally she went over to check on her and inside the secret door area there was shit everywhere, not just on the ground, but painted up and down the walls.

They stood there wondering how the fuck it got up there. Did the shitter have paint brushes? Did they rub their nasty butt up and down the walls? No way, it was too high up. So they waited for loss prevention to come in and unravel the shit mystery.

LP checks their cameras, and they see a maintenance woman casually doing her job, sweeping and cleaning after hours. Then suddenly she stops cleaning, looks around, pulls off her pants and underwear, and proceeds to shit in the secret doorway. She gets dressed then seems to realize what she had just done and decides she needs to get rid of the shit.

So she looks around again and goes and comes back with her leaf blower.

Ok, dumbass, shit is not leaves. So she leaf blowers her shit, I guess thinking it'll just fly away and everything will be cool..

Instead it goes up and down the wall and freakin picasso's brown period. The LP guys use such high quality video surveillance they were able to zoom in and get clear pictures of the evil shitter and even see the name of her company on her shirt. They called the company, who assured them there would be action taken.

Can you imagine getting fired for shitting up a wall? Lovely!



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Those must be good cameras indeed... Most of the security footage I've seen on TV looks like it was recorded in 240potato... you'd be lucky to recognize there was a human in the picture, let alone what they looked like. :P

Burly Goontar

So, Miss Brownwalls, why did you leave your last employer? Do you mind if we call them to verify?

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