Retail Balls Awards: Coupon Bitch Gets Told
Old Lady Calling: Do You Have Suggestions on How to Get the Lid Off my Mayo?


Misty Meanor

I could easily see Mr. Lazy doing shit like this!


Just had this where I work. Why the hell are people such assholes...


Oddly, my current job is the only one I've had where this isn't a problem. The couple of times it's happened has been an accident, as in "Ooops! I'm so sorry, I brought a hot pocket too, and I accidentally ate yours. You can have my pepperoni pizza pocket, and if you message me, I'll bring you a ham and cheese tomorrow"

The above was an email sent to the entire office

The worst was at Male Anatomy Cable, which was also odd since they had a full on cafe that you could buy food from using your employee ID if you forgot your lunch and didn't have cash. At least once a week there was an email from HR and management about lunch theft


Cheaper to steal than to buy. :P For this reason among others, I never bring food and only occasionally bring drinks.

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