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Thanks For all the Retail Hell Fun RHU!

Ilia's Heartfelt Goodbye


Skullies smileFrom Ilia

In August of 2011, I joined the team as a blogger, eager to assist with getting stories posted in a timely manner and bringing RHU to full production. Although it was a volunteer job, it was also a dream job. Aside from the stories I shared, I also helped format and prepare submitted stories to go live on the site. Reading the stories of others, preparing them for publishing, and sharing them has been amazing and fulfilling. For seven years, I made RHU a labor of love.

Through ups and downs, laughter and tears, frustration and triumph, I brought my dedication to RHU and helped make it an active and productive community. Hearing from all of you and sharing in your lives has helped me through my own retail traumas.

I will miss everything Retail Hell Underground had to offer, and will look back upon all my years with you with fondness. Forgive me if I get mushy here, but as my last post ever on RHU, I think I'm allowed. :)

Everyone: thank you. Thank you for being part of my life, tangentially or otherwise. Take care of yourselves, RHUers. Remember the Three D's of Retail Hell, and don't forget that fellow retail slaves are out there.

--Ilia, signing off








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