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Retail Hell Underground RHU Comment Thread For Stories and Messages


Even though RHU has closed to new submissions we will keep comments open on this post for at least a year. Feel free to say hello if you are new and just discovered Retail Hell Underground or maybe you were here years ago and didn't know it ended. Share a short Retail Hell tale or greeting if you wish.



Retail Hell Underground stories and pics documenting the plight and humor of service workers will always be here for anyone to explore and enjoy.













Regular RHU Reader


Regular RHU Reader

I discovered RHU a couple of years ago and was hooked right away. Finally, I knew I'm not alone in retail hell and, in fact, my hell isn't nearly as bad as some others' hells are. (Selfish, I know, but knowing others have had it worse made me feel better.)

Oddly, I was never able to post comments until now. I noticed the interface looks different and gave it another try and it worked.

Anyway, I just want to thank you for the years of posted stories. I have truly enjoyed them. RHU has become part of my daily routine and I'm going to miss reading new stories every day during my lunch break from retail hell.


Much love to the RHU team! Thanks for all the effort you put in here over the years. Happy trails~

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