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 August, 2016

Former McHell Manager here, turned Manager in Training for the King.

I have a story for you, about my manager. I didn't witness this myself, but was told about it from my manager the day after it happened.

Guy came in, and ordered a couple of Spicy sandwiches. Which, for the Land of the Kings, are normal chicken sandwiches with spicy sauce on them, instead of the patties themselves being spicy.

Co-worker: Here are your spicy chickens

Guy: Can I have the sauce with them?

Co-worker: The...sauce? There's already spicy sauce on it.

Guy: No! The sauce! Ranch! I want ranch sauce!

Co-worker: Oh, Ranch! It will be $.11

(We're one of those stores that charge for sauces and have a sign up saying so)

The guy proceeds to flip the fuck out, claiming that he wanted sauce for his sandwich and he shouldn't be charged for it. Eventually my manager came into the story and tried explaining to him our policy. At that point he flips out more, claiming we don't have a sauce policy and that it's not written down anywhere. My manager walked a foot to her left where the sign was and pointed it out to him. He flips out more and says this little gem:

Nametag"You don't even work here!"

At this point, she looked down at her shirt that has a decent sized logo on it, walks to the phone and tells the guy to get out or she is calling the police. This guy apparently was raving mad over a sauce and causing a pretty hefty scene for a decent amount of time. He hightailed it out as soon as she said she was calling the police.

I love this manager, as she's one of the managers who doesn't cave in for most customers who pull that "if I get angry enough I will get my way bit"

And yes, I realize this was all over $.11 but hey, not my call.

But yeah, to this day we laugh about it and go up to her and say "Don't you know, despite wearing your uniform, clocking in, and ordering us around, you don't work here?"

--Former McHell Manager


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