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During RHU's early years, many RHUer's sent in rants such as this, some of them had a "message to customers"

Here is one from The Timekeepers Twit, February 2010:

I'm new to RHU but I wanted to share a rant that I wrote back in 2006 after starting my term working as a slave for a watch kiosk that fixes (replaces batteries) and sells watches. I also have many custy stories that could go on for days! (note this has been slightly updated.)

A message to all you customers!

People do not seem to want to understand that I work for a thing called a business. Say it with my folks, A  b-u-s-I-n-e-s-s. That means that I provide YOU yes that's right, YOU with a service. You in turn give me money to PAY me for said service. because you see I need money just as much as you do, and while I love a good bargain or discount as much as you do Things DO come with a price.

And speaking of prices, when I DO tell you how much something will cost. That's it. It is not your place to scream at me, It is not your place to automatically try and heckle me into discounting you. Please keep in mind that I do not MAKE the prices. They are the same for everyone. If you want a discount use the coupons that we GIVE you with your receipt. and while we are on the subject of coupons, please refrain from complaining about the NUMBER of coupons you receive. When I was trained, I was told "one coupon per transaction" Just because you give me three watches to repair does NOT mean you get three $1 off coupons in return. And  DO NOT ask me to return everything and ring it all separate so you can get three coupons, It doesn't work that way. Maybe if you're a good person, I might reward you with a little extra, but if you complain too much, NO REWARD FOR YOU! I swear dealing with some of you is like dealing with a grown up child!

Carolanne2 118Next, Please KEEP YOUR DAMN RECEIPTS!!!! I cannot stress this enough. When you purchase anything from us you are told to "keep your receipt this item has ____ warranty/you have 30 days to return it if you are not satisfied" That means if you keep the receipt and something goes wrong WITHIN THE TIME ALLOTTED you can ether A.) get it fixed for FREE B.) return it or C.) exchange it for something you like better. There is nothing like it when someone tells me they have a problem with something ether we sold them, or fixed for them, and then tell us they didn't keep the proof of purchase. Well, you may have bought it from us, but do you know how many people we get a DAY telling us "this is my only watch" when they bring in a receipt that has THREE batteries on it? and also there is a sign stating our return policy right out in plain sight. It is not up to us to make sure you read it. Though, it might be a good idea. 

Another thing, when we offer you above solutions, TAKE THEM. If it wasn't the best we could do, we wouldn't offer them. You were told when buying item X to keep the receipt. It is not our responsibility to keep records of your purchases, we do not have the CAPACITY to keep track of everyone that comes to our store. Each item/service we provide comes with some kind of guarantee. You are told of this guarantee when you are rung up. LISTEN TO US! we know what we are talking about. We are the ones that go through the training. We are the ones behind the counter. NOT YOU! You have no clue so shut up!

Next subject; Patience. For the love of GOD HAVE SOME FUCKING PATIENCE PEOPLE!!!!!! Things like changing a battery? they take TIME! If I tell you "it takes 20 minutes" it takes 20 FUCKING MINUTES!!! no less! There are circumstances it may be done in 5, or 10....but that is mostly if we have no other customers. If you see five other people around the kiosk, and one person IN the kiosk. It's probably a safe bet that it will take a while. Why you come to the mall and shop then wait to drop off your watch as the last thing is beyond me...and really none of my concern. If i was you, and I needed a battery, unless it died as I was leaving, I'd drop it off first, I don't know maybe because i am a logical person and I would think something like a battery or links would take time I'd just do a little shopping.

When you do drop off for repair and 20 minutes is too long. DON'T try to get me to move your repair moved up first! There were people ahead of you who have to wait just as long to get their repair, so why are you so fucking special? Because you have *insert event here* to go to and decided that you just HAD to come to the mall first?

Also related, DON'T tell me you have nothing to do and then hang all over our kiosk! If you want to look at the watches that's one ting, but for the love of God it's a MALL! There are OTHER STORES! it doesn't mean you have to buy anything, just go walk around it won't kill you to go get some excessive!

Please, If there is a crowd around the kiosk, and you get there before someone else, and i see them and not you, by all means speak up, but please DO NOT yell. There is enough commotion as it is, It was a simple mistake, it doesn't mean we would have never gotten to you. just wait your turn! If I am speaking with a customer, please DO NOT interrupt me. you are not more important. I don't care if you just want to know how much a battery costs, or "have a quick question" WAIT WITH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT UNTIL I AM READY TO SPEAK TO YOU!!!!!!!I can't even tell you how many times someone wants to see an item while I am in the middle of working with someone else! Stop it!

People nowadays don't understand that things are happening behind the counter, or in back of  business. I am all for good customer service, but I cannot provide good customer service when people don't understand these circumstances. I cannot provide the best service I can when there are people and children screaming and when people are angry over things out of my hands. I do my best to greet people with a smile. I try to satisfy them, and don't get me wrong I have met some very nice people. but there's always the few, the not so proud, that just wear on my nerves. Hope you all enjoyed the ranting. More to come later I believe. :)

--The Timekeeper's Twit


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