Retail Hell Memories: The Tale Of Bitchella, Coworker From Hell


This story was originally posted on May 31, 2010


DouchedHey RHU! I'm yet another long-time reader, first-time poster. Call me High Flyer- I work as a clerk in an airport, been doing it for 8 years. Not exactly retail, but sooo many nasty-ass custys! I totally sympathize :(

I just wanted to tell you about this former co-worker of mine, let's just call her Bitchella.

Bitchella was AWFUL. Never on time, took breaks whenever the going got tough, and had ZERO people skills. (We all know one, right?) That's what finally got her fired! Lemme tell you a story.

Once, last summer, I was working the red-eye shift with Bitchella. A flight to Philly got canceled, so all the commuters and tourists were waiting in line to get help about what to do.

There's a girl, maybe 15, and her mom, waiting patiently in line. They are perfect- mom's reading, daughter's listening to music and chatting with the other travelers.

The going was SLOW (my company's cheap-ass computers have ancient software and NO memory), so I was happy at how well everyone was waiting.

Then Bitchella decides to go on break- with maybe 10 people, including families with small children, in line (I'm talking 5 in the morning! It was early!!).

So as she's walking away, the nice mom with the book snags her and asks what she should do, because her daughter's flight leaves in an hour and she's an unaccompanied minor.

Carolanne Argh 2Bitchella tells her to, quote, "Get back in line and wait your turn! I'm on my break!" and storms off to the bathroom. (I got this from the mom later.)

Half an hour later, she returns, and the woman and her daughter go right up to her and tell her the deal. Unaccompanied minor, like I said, and those take time, let me tell you. And now the flight leaves in half an hour.

Bitchella tells them it can't be done and why didn't you put yourself forward sooner, these people trying to get to Philly can wait while you get sorted out!

The mom reiterates what Bitchella told her, and asks if anything can possibly be done, her daughter needs to get to wherever she was going.

Bitchella, instead of being polite and trying to actually HELP this poor woman, starts telling her off for not having the common sense to ask for help.

The mom repeats that Bitchella told her to wait her turn, Bitchella claims she never said that (I heard her say it, folks, and I'm the immediate superior. Dumb as a doorknob, this one).

At this point the girl is in tears, the mom and Bitchella are arguing, and everyone's having a bad day. Jason 008
I intervene, help the mom as best I can (putting her on the next available flight+upgrading her seat free, as per regulations), and send them on their way, daughter still sniffling.

At this point, you'd think Bitchella, having failed to apologize to either mother or daughter, would apologize to me, right?

Nope. True to form she starts with the next customer, bitching under her breath about 'pushy moms and princess daughters' and the like.

Not 3 minutes later, the mom comes back in, and marches up to my desk as I finish with another family. She asks for Bitchella's name, which I give her, and when I ask why she tells me, "So I can put it in my letter of complaint!"

Good for you, lady. You were the last straw that got Bitchella fired. You have my thanks.

So, story time is over. What did you think? Tell me about your Bitchella coworkers!

--High Flyer


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Bad Customer Service: Are You Sure That Was A Wise Choice?


Airport hellFrom Aegonix

I've experienced travel hell on American Airlines, out of Panama City. It was raining a bit, and for that reason, "All American Airlines flights out of Panama City are grounded."

They forgot that approximately half of the entire airport is built out of these huge ass transparent panes of what modern man likes to call "glass."

We could see out onto the tarmac, and the runways, and see other American flights taking off, landing, with planes from a bunch of different carriers doing the same thing. Only one plane wasn't moving; ours.

The gate agents refused to turn around to admit that they were wrong.

So yes, the desk people decided it was so much easier to face down a plane's worth of enraged, stressed traveling Custys and lie to their faces, than to turn around, see that other flights were working, and try to distribute people to other flights. Or give us the real reason why the plane wasn't going anywhere.

The end result was not pretty. I wonder if they ever cleaned up all of the bloodstains after the riot. </snark>



Bad Customer Service: Stranded


Carolanne and victimFrom slimjim72384, AskReddit

This story is how American Airlines poor planning and even worse customer service almost caused me to miss my own wedding:

So, I live in Florida now but am originally from Rochester NY, as is my wife. My wife is a school teacher and I am in sales. She gets a lot more time of than I do. We decided to get married a few days after Christmas so we could save on not having to travel home twice that year. She went to NY a week earlier than me and I was slated to travel home a few days before Christmas. I left Florida fine and the weather report up north seemed mild so I didn't anticipate any trouble. I did have a brief layover in Philadelphia but I travel a lot so I know the Philly airport pretty well.

I arrived in Philly and hurried off the plane and to my connection gate expecting it to be boarding. It was not. I was informed that it would be delayed a half hour. After a half hour they announced that it would be delayed another hour and a half, then an additional 2 hours after that, for a total of 4 hours. By this time it was getting late and I knew I was in jeopardy of having my flight cancelled all together.

Shortly after midnight, after waiting about 5 hours, they announced that the flight was canceled without any additional instructions. People began bombarding the ticket counter. I hopped in what I hoped was a line and called my wife (fiance at the time) to tell her. She began crying hysterically, concerned that I would miss Christmas and the wedding, which were both still a few days away. I calmed her down and assured her that was ridiculous.

I waited in line for another hour and a half while they dealt each person's complaint. I got up the counter and didn't even really know what to do or say. The clerk explained that the flight timed out. (I later learned that they just didn't staff a pilot to fly the plane. The delays were them trying to find one.) I just asked the woman how I was going to get home. She informed me that there was a flight going to Buffalo in the morning that she could book me on and that the airline would provide a voucher for the local Holiday Inn. I had no problem with that. I called my wife to let her know what was going on. She was upset, but a bit calmer now. I headed down to catch the shuttle to the hotel.

Jason GrrThere were maybe 5-6 other people waiting as well, but other than that the airport was deserted. It was probably 2:30-3am by this time. we waited about 20 minutes before someone decided to call the hotel. The hotel manager informed us that the shuttles had stopped running but he would see if he could figure something out. Not but a couple of minutes later, a Days Inn shuttle pulls up. Our luck, right?

He drives us to the hotel. We all pile out and head into the lobby. The first person hands the clerk the voucher from the airline and he examines it. He informs us that the vouchers are for the Holiday Inn Express, which is a hotel across town and confirms that it was not him or that hotel that we had previously called. We didn't know what to do, pay for a room here? Luckily the shuttle driver volunteered to drive us over there.

On the ride there the driver is going on about how he was already supposed to have ended his shift. He stops at a fairly deserted street and tells us we should really pay him for going out of his way to get us to the other hotel.

There was an older couple (the ones who called the hotel in the first place) who looked a bit shaken by this. They immediately paid the man. I didn't see how much, but there was at least a twenty in there. I was exhausted by this point. Not wanting a conflict, I gave the guy my last six dollars. The driver seemed pleased and started to the hotel. We arrived there, handed over our vouchers and headed to our rooms. I passed out shortly after 4am.

The morning shuttle was leaving at 9 am so I didn't get much sleep. I showered and headed out about 8:45. The shuttle arrived on time and headed back to the airport. I went up to the front ticket booth, explained the story and handed the ticket that the woman from the previous night issued to me.

The clerk looked a bit confused. "Sir, there is no flight to Buffalo this morning."

At this point pure panic set in. I asked when the next flight I could be on was leaving. She confirmed there were no available flights to either Rochester, Buffalo, or Syracuse. She suggested waiting standby to try and catch a seat of someone who didn't show. I called my wife to inform her. She was beyond consolable at this point.

I waited around the airport pretty much all day waiting to see if I could catch a standby seat. I had no luck though. At around 8pm that night I got a call. THE call. The one that would save me from this misery. My phone was almost dead and I didn't even check the caller ID when I answered.

It was my buddy Kevin. "Hey man. Your Fiance called me today."


Freddy and jason pals

Me: "Oh, yeah?"

Kevin: "Yeah. She says you're stranded at the Philly airport."

Me: "Yeah, I will probably not make it home for Christmas or the wedding."

Kevin: "Nah man. I'll come get you."

Me: "What?!"

Kevin: "Yeah. how far is Philly from here?"

Me: "I don't know, five hours maybe."

Kevin: "Alright. I will be there in a bit."

He arrived just after 1am, with my fiance, who ran up and hugged me. I was so exhausted that I slept most of the car ride home.

Thankfully Christmas and the wedding both went off without a hitch.



Bad Customer Service: Airport Mistreatment


Airport hellFrom Blastwave

I got to the airport late one night for a red-eye flight, and first off my flight had been delayed an hour. Then another, and another! I politely asked what was going on, and was simply told that they didn't know. After another 45 minutes, we got told it was a maintenence issue (wiring in the tail? something like that). I was visibly upset, I was 3000 miles away from my boyfriend and best friend and couldn't call them because we hadn't purchased cell phones yet (thank god for Tracfone, we all have one now). I had to stay all night in the airport and only by luck were we all bumped onto a 6am flight (now seven hours late. T_T and my boyfriend was out of his mind) and just crammed in with everyone else.

What did we get? A useless breakfast card passed out 15 minutes before boarding (for $5 at the airport McDonald's that was 20 minutes down the terminal... it would have been useful if they'd given them to us earlier on), and a $10 coupon to a *local* hotel (so useful when I'm trying to fly 3000 miles AWAY from there) that already charged about $150 a night, that expired the next day.

I asked, very politely, a bit nervously, if it was possible for them to call up one of the security posts or something at the other airport and call my boyfriend in and tell him I was okay (which I know *can* be done)... and they said no.

Long story short, My boyfriend had nearly had a full blown anxiety attack in the airport, and I've never flown Delta again. T_T

(Since I didn't mention it, I want to say I was nothing but incredibly polite, I know airline workers go through hell and I surely do not want to make it harder on them. But it took four hours (3am!) before they passed out a minimum number of blankets and pillows... and never gave one to the poor sixty year old woman next to me who was obviously cold (I had a sweater, she didn't), and so I gave her mine, because I didn't need it as much)



Crazy Customers 4th of July Edition: "You guys don't do a 4th of July discount? All airports in the US do, I want a discount on my coffee!"



From u/CallMePetardu, Tales From Retail:

I work in a European airport.

This morning, I had a very irate lady order a coffee. I small talked with her, she told me she'd taken a red eye and that she'd read her book the whole way. Fairly standard transaction.

... Until I asked her to pay. I told her that the total came to €2.50. She then insisted that I gave her a discount, because she was "an American citizen on the 4th of July" and that "every airport in the US would give me a discount". She then started waving her passport at me.

Eventually, she left and still refused to pay for the coffee.

This is not an ideal exchange at 6am.