KitKat's Encounter with Creative Parenting



From KitKat:

Thought about this for no apparent reason tonight.  Not really a retail story but just a story to make you grin.

Late October/early November, I went on a cruise with my parents (much needed and much appreciated).  Well, we go to get on the flight back from Florida to Pennsylvania and happen to be flying Southwest.  For those of you not in the States, Southwest lets you choose your seats.  Parentals and I have to split up but are in three seats near each other.  I'm sitting next to a man and his nephew who can't be more than eight.  Little boy is thrilled and wants to watch the plane take off.  I don't so I pull out my Sudoku and a pen.  I chit chat with the man for a bit before we start to pull back from the gate.  As the plane starts to taxi, the little boy pulls down the shades.  The man reaches over the boy, says "Don't do that.  The lady next to me is afraid of the dark!", and pulls the shades back up.  Meanwhile, I've commenced another puzzle and am trying not to giggle.  Got to love the lies we tell children even if we use random strangers to tell those lies.