Crazy Customers: Drunk Woman Smashes Popeye's Window Because Her Meal Didn't Come with a Soda



 From Daily Mail:

This is the astonishing moment a woman smashed the window of a Popeye's restaurant because her meal deal didn't include a soda.  

Police are hunting for the woman, described as being between 18 and 25, after she vandalized the restaurant in Staten Island on Sunday. 

Staff say the 'extremely drunk' customer came into the store looking to buy a $4 Wicked Good Deal.

CrazyBut after being informed that the deal didn't come with a soda, she became 'extremely angry' instead, staff told NBC 4.

Employees said the woman was convinced they were cheating her as they explained the meal comes with chicken strips, a biscuit, fries and a sauce.

They suggested the woman may have confused the deal with Wendy's, which does including a drink, but at that point it was impossible to reason with her.

The woman flipped staff off before throwing a sign at the door, then attempting to put a chair through one of the windows.

Police say she was last seen wearing a pink bandana, black jacket and jeans.

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McDonald's Hell: Woman Shoves Cashier Because Her Breakfast Sandwich Order Was Wrong


From Daily Mail:

An incorrect breakfast sandwich order at a Wisconsin McDonald's caused a woman to throw a temper tantrum and push an employee to the ground. 

The woman had originally ordered a bacon breakfast sandwich at Glendale, Wisconsin, drive-thru on Sunday but instead was given sausage.  

The irate woman left the eatery and fled in her car. 

While she was not burned by the fry grease,l the 17-year-old employee did have to go to a local hospital to get checked out. 

Glendale Police are searching for the woman and wish to pursue felony assault charges for her. She could also face charges for child abuse since the employee is a teen.


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Restaurant Thieves: Video Shows Customer STEALING a diner server's $20 tip while her back was turned


From Daily Mail:

No one is a fan of a greedy diner. 

And a video shows a shameless couple make a grab for a waitress' $20 tip while she wraps up with a customer. 

It is unknown whether the couple was caught, or better yet, if they left a tip for the waitress themselves. 

It is also unclear where the video was filmed. 


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Nasty Ass Thieves: Serial Shoplifters Run Out of Costco Fire Door...straight into the arms of police


 From Daily Mail:

An attempted theft from a Costco in Seattle on Wednesday was stopped short when shoplifters ran right into the arms of police on their way out the door.

When loss prevention officers recognized individuals who they suspected of a previous theft where shoplifters took merchandise without paying for it and ran out the fire exit, they called 9-1-1.

Police arrived on the scene and blocked the path of a car that was backed up to the same exit that was used for the previous theft, and were soon face to face with two people holding armfuls of goods.

At around 6.04 pm Pacific, police said a 30-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman burst through the doors after kicking them open.

The two exiting the Costco reportedly tried to get away, but the cops were ready for them.

Police said when they arrived on the scene, they found an 18-year-old woman seated in the driver's seat of a black Toyota, staged at the fire exit at the Costco.
The two women were taken into custody on suspicion of theft. The man was taken into custody on suspicion of robbery, as police said they found a seven-inch knife on the male suspect.  

The same suspects are also believed to be responsible  for a shoplifting incident at another Costco, earlier on that same day. The stolen property is valued at $2,200.

The call to 9-1-1 came in from the Seattle Costco store at about 5.30 pm Pacific on Wednesday. 


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Fast Markdown or Hot Seller? Costco Selling $6,000 Doomsday Kit with 25 Year Shelf-life That will Feed a Family For a Year



 From Daily Mail:

If the world ever implodes as a result of an apocalypse, the last thing you'll want to worry about is 'What should I make for dinner tonight?'

Thankfully, Costco has got you covered, with food kits that can feed a family for up to a year. 

The company is selling kits that range in price from about $1,000 to as much as $6,000.

Shelling out a couple grand will get you up to 600 cans, which amounts to more than 36,000 servings of food -- plenty to survive most doomsday scenarios.

The kits include a variety of freeze-dried, dehydrated and instant foods, including rice, beans, broccoli, bananas, strawberries, chicken and milk.

There's also a few essential spices and cooking ingredients, like 'butter powder.' 

Many of the freeze-dried items will last up to 25 years, while items like instant pinto bean flakes have a 30-year shelf life.  

Costco has been selling doomsday kits since at least last year, telling the Detroit Free Press: 'This is a great value with shipping included.' 

'Enjoy the comfort in knowing you have the essential foods your family will need to survive an emergency or natural disaster!,' Costco's website notes. 

'With 11 top quality flavorful and easy-to-prepare varieties in each pail, you can forget the hassle of creating an emergency meal plan for your family,' the site continues. 

The company hasn't disclosed how many doomsday kits it has sold, but judging by the user reviews made on the $4,000 Thrive 1-Year Food Storage kit, buyers are loving them.

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