Awesome Retail Slaves - The Perfect Comeback Line


This story was originally posted on December 06, 2009

Awesome retail slavesAn Anonymous Retail Slave at a Big Box Store wants to give a shout out to one of her Managers and we're following it up with a Retail Balls Award!

I work service desk at the store with the Bullseye, and am lucky enough to have a pretty good management team.

I haven't had to exercise my Retail Balls yet, but this is for the GSTL I was working with last night.

A woman came up to the service desk asking to speak to a store manager.

I said "Of course, let me call her for you".

Psychobitch jabs a finger in the direction of my GSTL and says "Is SHE your manager? I want to speak to someone else!!"

So I page the LOD.

He comes over and this lady starts ranting at him.

What it amounted to was she wanted a discount on something, and my GSTL wouldn't give it to her.

Suzy (name changed to protect the innocent) is usually very good about giving discounts due to damage, wrong signs, etc so if this lady didn't get the discount, I knew damn well she didn't need it.

My LOD didn't give it to her either, and that was the last I heard from her.

Suzy came over later and told me that Psychobitch walked by her and said "You a dumb bitch".

Suzy smiled beatifically and said "Thanks, and you are too!"

I'm in awe of her ability to tell someone to suck a donkey dong, but with a smile, and that's why I love working with her.

--Anonymous Bullseye Slave



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The Best Customer Any Store Could Have


Awesome custysFrom u/Breckford, TalesFromRetail

This happened a while back. But it will always be a memorable moment in my life.

So it's just a normal afternoon day in the retail life (Clothing store to be specific). Pretty mellow day with a few customers here and there. This older guy walks in and I do the normal smile, greet, and ask how his day is doing.

Me: How are you doing today sir :)?

Now with my amazement this guy gives me a look in my eyes that was uneasy, as if I just asked the wrong question. And he quickly changes faces to this bright smile that was so heart warming

Customer: I am doing absolutely wonderful today. Thanks for asking. How about yourself? :D

Me: I am doing great today! Can I help you find anything today?

Customer: Actually yes, I need a suit, shirt, and tie for a business meeting I am having over seas and I want to really stick out and look "hip"

Me: Follow me, I will show you were our "hip" suit section is :)

I love this guy! His enthusiasm is amazing. I've literally only said a couple sentences to him and I already loved him... So we are walking over to the section which is not far. And usually when I show a customer a section we usually just have a long awkward silent walk. But this guy is actually asking about how today has been for me, "have you been busy this week?", "how long have you worked here?", "do you enjoy working here?".

I reply with all short answers. Finally we are to the section.

Freddy and jason palsMe: So here are some of our suits and colors of shirts.

Customer: You look like a pretty stylish guy. What would you wear?

Me: Well if it were me I'd wear X (Suit jacket), Y(Suit pants) , and Z (Dress Shirt).

Sure enough he picks up X and Y in his size but he isn't finding Z in his size.

Me: Let me go check our stock room and see if we have any more available in your size.

Before I head back I suggest a couple more colors that I would think that would look great in the suit and would pop out. So I swiftly head to the back, and sadly there is no more sizes. He's been such an awesome customer I hate coming back to him and saying we have no more In that size. So I head back to let him know that bad news

Me: Unfortunately we don't have any more in your size.

He looks at me with a big smile

Customer: thank you so much for checking. I really appreciate that. I think I am going to try on some of the stuff that you suggested.

WOW!! He said "thank you"!! And didn't act like it was my fault that we didn't have his size. What a rare species to come across. So I go get him a fitting room. So he tries them on and I tell him to come out so I can give him an opinion on it. He comes out and he is KILLING IT!

Me: Wow you are looking gooood!

Jason heres to youHe give me a little twirl like a 5 year old girl pretending to be a princess.

So he goes back and puts his stuff on and comes out. And I help him at the register

Customer: You are the best sales associate I have ever come across. Is there any way I can help out or let your manager know??

Me: Thank you so much!! You're the best customer I have had. And I am the manager so I'll make sure I give myself a pat on the back.

So I finish ringing everything up.

Me: That will be $287.63

His face looked like a kids who ice cream just fell on the ground. And at this moment I knew that he probably didn't know it would cost that much. Thankfully our store always has coupons going on. Different ones each one. He was willing to pay and be ready.

Me: Actually. Want to see a magic trick?

He looks at me a little confused.

Me: That will now be $167.22

His face lit up. And thanked me so much for being so awesome and giving him my time. And I told him it was just me doing my job and the only difference was that he was the best customer I've had.

This is a little story. Just so when you at a customer at a store. I'm always willing to help people out when they are nice and understanding opposed to those who bitch about the price as it its my fault that I put up the full price sign. Being a good customer will get you a lot further rather than being a bad one :)



Retail Memories: The Best Part of My Job


Jason 019zz

From u/KiraRiver Tales From Retail:

I work a a fairly large chain bookstore, most often in the kids section and a good part of my job is recommending books. I've had a few heartwarming experiences but this is probably my favourite. One day a few weeks before last Christmas an older woman came in with her grandson who looked around 10.. The woman was quite polite but the boy looked like he would rather be anywhere else.

The grandmother motioned me to the side and quietly told me that her grandson struggled with reading, and she was hoping I knew of some books that might be easier to read but not to juvenile. I asked her a few questions about his reading, interests, and if she was opposed to certain content, the basic questions for recommending kids books, and then got the okay to go talk to him.

Grandmother had mentioned that he like minecraft so I introduce myself and ask him a couple questions about his adventures in the game. He opens up a bit, starts talking and stops glaring at me so I count it as a win. I ask if he'd be interested in reading a minecraft book, kid starts glaring again and quietly says he's not good enough at reading for that. I assure him that I've got minecraft books that he can read and are for kids his age, and lead him over to the kids comics section. I pulled off a few minecraft graphic novels and a few others that I thought he would like and handed them over. Kid's face lit up like a christmas tree when he started reading and realized that while they weren't easy to read they were no where near as difficult as chapter books would be for him.

Grandmother is trying and failing not to stare as she watches her grandson read happily. I go over and explain that comics will have the shorter sentences and context clues he needs right now without being childish. I also recommend a few series like Captain Underpants that are between a comic and classic book. I was told by the cashier that the boy read all the way out the store and the grandmother was super grateful and wrote a glowing review of our store. The kid still comes in from time to time and is now reading full chapter books and it always makes me smile when I see him.




Retail Hell Memories: Free Money



From wildcard_bitches, Tales From Retail:

As a teenager, my first few jobs were in retail at various fast food and department stores. It’s been years now since I’ve been in that type of job, but I’ll never forget my favorite memory from one day when I was working in a department store.

I worked specifically in the shoe department which was located next to the toy department. I also had a friend that worked in the toy department, and being the 16 year old rebel that I was, I would frequently leave my mostly boring post to check out the exciting stuff happening across the aisle.

One day as I was browsing through the toys, I found a $20 bill on the ground. Ignoring my first instinct to pocket the cash and hide out back amongst the shoes, I decided to bring it to the customer service desk up front and let them know where I found it.

About 20 minutes later I heard my name called by a manager over the intercom to come to the service desk. Waiting for me was the manager with a woman and her son. The woman smiled and let me know that the $20 belonged to her son and was given to him by a family member to pick out a toy for his birthday. In his excitement somehow he dropped the money and was devastated. In an effort to console him, the mom said she would check at the front to see if anyone had found it and turned it in, but fully expected it to be gone.

They were so grateful that I returned the cash and the boy gave me a big hug. When I think about the smile on that kid’s face, that simple choice I made has given me so much more joy than the $20 I probably would have spent on something stupid like candy and pop.