Groomer Kindness: The Matted Dog



From  MissBitch25, Tales From Grooming:

A woman comes in the other day with her dog wrapped in a towel. It's busy, so I tell her I'll be with her in a moment and finish up with the other customers while she waits quietly on one of our chairs. I call to her and she tells me her dogs name and that he has an appointment. She looks upset, so I walk over and kneel down next to her while I get the usual information.

Me: What are we doing to Mr. T today?

She looks at me sadly.

Her: Whatever you can.

Okay. That's odd. She tells me her dog is in rough shape. I laugh. A lot of customer tell us that. She slowly pulls back the towel and my jaw drops. I have never seen a dog so matted in my life. Matts that had to be at least six inches thick if not more. Matts wrapped around his legs, his tail, his face.

Me: Oh my fucking god.

I couldn't help it. It slipped out. She bursts into tears. She then begins to tell me how she had had to leave her ex's place at the last minute after a bad break up. She had left her dog with the Ex and he assured her he would take care of it. He didn't. She had been couch surfing and frantically trying to find a place and get back on her feet. She had been sending her EX money for the dog, for grooming appt. For food and vet appts. He had done none of it. He hadn't even brushed the dog. He had let it get like this as revenge for her ending the relationship. She takes my hand and begs me to help her dog.

I rub her hand and calmly explain to her that I don't know if we can, but we'll try. I am honest with her.

Me: He might need a vet to take care of him. He might need to be sedated for this. We will certainly try, but he might be beyond our help.

She nods and hands me his vet paperwork. She had gotten him every shot they could give him. She continues to sob while she tells me how much she loves this dog and how furious she was when she saw him.

Her: I know he's in pain. I know he won't look very good. I'm not expecting show quality or anything. Just please help him! I don't want him in pain.

Me: We will certainly try, ma'am. I'm just telling you worst case scenario.

I go tell my boss and she gives the woman a paper talking about the side effects of being dematted. She tells her what I had told her. That we would try, but it might not be possible. She asks if the woman would be okay with keeping the dog here for a while so we could go slowly and not hurt or stress him.

Her: Anything! Anything you have to do, do it. Anything you need me to do, I'll do. I don't care what it costs. Just tell me and I'll do it! Please! Help him.

Boss: He's going to be naked, you know?

Her: Whatever you have to do. Just tell me what you need from me. It'll be done.

She hands over the dog and leaves. We all stand around the table looking at this dog, not knowing where to start or how. Finally the dematting starts. He's pretty good for it, but it takes two people to get through it. Three people are working on this dog. Two dematting and one grabbing stuff from the table to toss away or running and getting things the other two need. Two ours later, we call the woman.

He's fleas. His skin looks like it's moving. We need to douse him in flea shampoo, but it's going to dry out his already irritated skin. Can we use a conditioner on him?

Her: Do it!

It'll cost...

Her: I don't care. Do it.

In the tub he goes. We wash him three times in flea shampoo, then soak him in the best conditioner we have.

We call her to come get him.

She walks in the door and we hand her the bill. We didn't charge her as much as we should have, but it was still pretty high. She pays it without batting an eye lash. The dog trots out happily, jumps around, yips and she bursts into tears again. She picks him up and hugs him tight.

Her: He looks great! Oh my god! MY baby! Thank you so much!

We tell her how he was, that he was surprisingly very good, though he did have some tender areas. We point them out, give her some advice and things to watch for.

He's cute, but obviously he's shaved. When his fur grow's back we'll clip him again and make him cuter. Bring him back in six weeks and we can trim up his face and everything.

She says she will and how thankful she is. She can't believe we were able to get through all that. She leaves and the whole place gets hosed down with flea killer but everyone is happy.

We helped a dog in dire straights and made her day. The poor puppy can now run and jump like a normal dog without being weighed down by tons and tons of matts.

-- MissBitch25





Retail Memories: A Rose For Her Son


Carolanne 005

From RabidBlueberry, Tales From Retail:

I worked at a rose farm awhile ago. It was half sales lot and half garden. We sold heirloom and Old World bushes. I wore many hats and one of them was selling rose bushes to customers.

I was just about to head home one day when an elderly lady pulled up. I stopped what I was doing and greeted her and asked how I could help. She wanted a yellow rose bush for her son.

It took me a bit to find one since the roses weren't in bloom around that time and all I had to go on were the weather worn name tags. I showed her a pic of it in full bloom on my phone. She smiled but it was such a sad smile.

I carried the bush to the table and began writing up her receipt. I told her that her son was going to love this rose.

Then she lost it. Her son had killed himself ten years before and the bush was to be planted on his grave. We ended up spending two hours together, her just talking about her son and me just listening. We were both crying. I told her to take the bush free of charge, that my boss would just take it from my pay.

My boss was usually a monster but when I told her about the lady, she let it slide and didn't even dock my pay.

I dealt with a lot a-hole customers there, and I met some really interesting folks too, but that lady will always be my favorite.








A Tale To Melt the Hell of Working Retail During the Holidays



From  sarahbee_1029, Tales From Retail:

When I was working retail right at a year ago, I had an amazing encounter with such a precious customer. This time of year reminds me of the experience I can't wait to share.

One morning on my way to work, I stopped to check the mail to see if a certain package had arrived. It had (yay!). I had ordered what I thought was a small battery powered heater (like the equivalent of a necklace fan thingy, only a heater). Turns out, it wasn't batter powered (dang it!). I was wanting something I could take outside with me to stay warm on smoke breaks and on my walk home. Oh well, so I just decided I'd find someone to give it to at work.

I was about five steps away from walking through the double doors to the back room to clock in when I was stopped by a customer. She was very soft spoken and very polite, but something about her demeanor made her seem emotionally exhausted. This small lady, probably mid 30's asked me if I could please help her or point her to someone that could.

Knowing I could adjust my clock in time later, I said, "Of course I can! What can I help you with?"

She was looking for a certain brand of blankets that had been on clearance and were in a display bin last week. I worked in the back room at the time and it just so happens I was the one to take the display down the previous day and knew exactly where they were.

When I asked how many she needed, she said, "As many as $20 will buy." I thanked her for being so generous because I knew there were so many people struggling to stay warm this winter (assuming they were for charity). She smiled at me and I went to retrieve her blankets.

When I returned, I still had the heater under my arm (not sure why I hadn't stopped and put it in my locker while I was in the back room) and asked if she would mind taking it to donate with the blankets.

That's when she burst into tears. She explained that her house had burned down and was living in her friend's shed with her two young children and was just trying to keep them warm until after the weekend when they could find a better place to stay. I immediately knew this was why I had been sent the wrong heater.

She didn't want to accept it at first, but then I convinced her that I sincerely wanted her to have it. It was the tiniest gesture. A heater I was just gonna leave lying around. But she was incredibly grateful and gave me the best hug I've ever received from a stranger. We cried together for a minute and then parted ways.

The next week, I got a Christmas card thanking me for being so kind to, "me and my kids." No name on it or anything... and then it dawned on me. The heater was still in the box it had been shipped in and had my address on it. I will never forget this woman and how rewarding it was to be able to make a difference.

Edit: Wow, this story got way more attention than I thought it would. Thank you all so much for your kind words! Sometimes just being a decent human being to someone can create such heart felt response. You never know what people are going through and how far a very simple gesture can go.




Coworker Kindness During Holiday Hell: Cafe Cashier Helps Out Mall Worker When the Heat Goes Out in their Store


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From amandenburg, Tales From Retail:

I work at a tiny store in a mall. We only have one staff member on at a time because of the size and scale we’re working at, which has made the holidays extra stressful with longer hours and bigger crowds. Today, as an extra bonus, our heat was out. This wouldn’t be horrible if we were not right next to the mall entrance, but today’s below freezing temperatures put the store temp at around 40 degrees. Attempts to fix the heat are not working, and my boss promises to come up with a space heater next time he’s at the store (which could be tomorrow, or could be next week).

After multiple hours of this, I can no longer feel my fingers and toes, and decide to treat myself to a hot lunch at the cafe that’s right next to my store in the mall. I chat briefly with the cashier about my predicament and eat my gloriously hot mac and cheese alone in my freezing store. I continue to don layers and become increasingly bitter about the lack of heat. I am not a winter person.

About an hour later, the cafe cashier comes into the store with a space heater in her arms. Their manager had just left for the day and wouldn’t be using it in the office. I just stood behind the counter and cried. I’ve been in retail for the past 4 holiday seasons, and it doesn’t get any easier. Especially while dealing with customers by myself all day, it’s reassuring to know other mall workers have my back.







Retail Redemption: Today I Made a Customer Cry


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From  RubberReptile, Tales From Retail:

I work in photo finishing and I was helping a friendly lady who wanted prints off of her phone. She off-handedly mentioned that she recently lost all the photos on her phone so she was only able to get prints from the last few weeks.

I found it odd that the photos would just disappear but the phone was still working. She insisted, despite being a "technology illiterate" that she didn't accidentally delete them. She also off-handedly mentioned that she thought her phone had a memory card in it.

This needed further investigation. I fully expected her to not have a micro SD card, since many older folk call the Sim Card a memory card, but lo-and-behold there was one inside.

I put the card into one computer and it didn't show up at all so I tried our Windows PC instead and it told me the disk was unformatted. Likely corrupted somehow by her cheap off-brand Android.

I didn't want to get the her hopes up, but since Windows was able to see it I thought there might be a chance... So I took a deep breath, formatted it and threw it into our recovery software.

I was able to recover 90% of the photos and video on that card.

The lady had been waiting for her prints anyway so I waved for her to come around to my computer and take a look. She looked at the photos on the screen and literally started bawling. It was all her most important pics - her grandson's grad, her dog that had passed a few months ago, family trips... Years worth of pics that weren't backed up anywhere. In the end she bought a new Micro SD and I gave her a DVD of the pics at no charge. After paying, she ran behind the counter and gave me a big hug.

I later found out that she hand wrote my boss a letter and said it was the best customer service she'd ever had.

Today has been a good day.

-- RubberReptile



Retail Kindness: Customer Shows Appreciation After Cashier's Kind Act


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From  Lietenantdan, Tales From Retail:

I'm a cashier at a grocery store. A lady had a greeting card, and informed me that she forgot her wallet at home, but she had a cheque book. At the store I work at, if someone hasn't written a cheque there before, they need an ID number otherwise our system won't accept the cheque. She didn't have her ID on her, so I paid for her card. She thanked me profusely, saying she would pay me back then left. A couple days letter, she came back and handed me an envelope with a $20 bill and this note:

Dear Dan,

You may or may not remember me. My name is Sara Person. Last Sunday I forgot my wallet at home in Belgrade and so tried to buy a greeting card with a check without my ID's. It turned out my check was rejected without and ID. Without a word, you pulled out the $3.79 I needed for the card. I was very surprised and immensely grateful.

It is refreshing to meet a young man so generous. Thank you for the money, even more, thank you for being you! It was wonderful to see God's love vividly displayed by your action. I have no doubt that you are a man of the highest character.

Sara Person.

(I typed this word for word, other than changing names)