Weird Products: Underground Beer Storage


From Perpetually Indignant:

12Food & Wine:

Whenever the apocalypse does happen and all of our favorite bars and eateries are gone, it's probably going to be really boring. But like the pre-apocalypse, the best way to kick back, relax and pass the time is with a nice cold drink. That's where Biersafe comes in. It's a bunker for your beer that can keep sixteen bottles safe and cold underground.

Okay, so maybe the apocalypse isn't the only reason you'd want to bunker up your beer. Maybe your greedy roommates are always taking the beer you were saving in the fridge. Maybe you're just looking to work a little more ecofriendliness into your life. Maybe it's a question of your electricity bill; according to Biersafe's makers, switching your beer storage option from a mini fridge to a biersafe can save you 80 Euro (about 90 U.S. dollars) per year on electricity.

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