Dollar Store Hell: Bad Dad Let's Hellspawn Wreck Displays


Jason 007

From Captain Ham, April, 2014:

I had my first shift in probably WEEKS today, because someone else called in sick and I was the only person to answer their phone.

It wasn't too bad, I didn't mind. I had a pretty awful week and having to be retail happy made me actually happy- several of my favorite coworkers working today helped with that too.

So, it's almost Easter. Story time:

The friggin holiday aisle is 1/3 empty and it's just DESTROYED when I walk in. There were a whole bunch of extra people in today for whatever reason, so everyone who wasn't on cash was cleaning and facing. I took the Easter aisle because I wanted to see what was there; there's small kids in my family, if I can get some tips over to the ol EB on cheap chocolate I will. I spent a solid two hours cleaning and running stuff back- a lot of which had nowhere TO go because it was the last item of its type.

Ok, totally good, its decent and looks presentable. Go help out at cash for half an hour, have some more returns from customers needing three of the same bunny basket to keep the little ones happy and all, and a few more last-one things to find homes for. I go back and do that, straighten up the candy some more as its ransacked.

Hellspawn talesI'm doing my minimum wage thing, guy comes in with his spawn. They're looking up and down the meager Easter offerings left. One kid takes off way down to where the summer stuff is trickling in while the other is touching EVERY basket. Dad sort of meanders through looking at stuff and making a few comments. Literally five seconds after they get in the aisle, the little girl has knocked five baskets on the floor. I am standing less than 5ft away. Dad is RIGHT BESIDE HER SAYING NOTHING. Son is messing around with stickers about mid aisle. Son and Daughter go racing behind me as I'm putting more stuff back up and go dodging around these baskets I'm trying to pick up and starts yanking down ALL of the bunny ear headbands. Like a good quarter of all those headbands come down and make it to the floor and the candy shelf below.

And again, I am STANDING RIGHT THERE with my apron and blatantly putting shit away. And Dad does nothing, says nothing. Kids give no fucks. I just literally stood there so dumbfounded. I put the basket down and walked away. I could not believe this blatant piggy behavior happening RIGHT beside me. I went a few aisles over until I saw them move somewhere else before going back to fix it all.

Literally, what the hell? What the actual hell? If I had been feeling a little snappier and quick witted I would have said something. Hell, if I hadn't been coming from about a solid week of moping around and wondering if I had been fired, I would have said something.

Christmas wasn't even this bad. I swear everyone up here is stir crazy because of the awful winter ending- and they go and take out all that energy being a disaster in my damn store.

--Captain Ham



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Discount Store Hell: Bad Mom Protects Her Thieving Hellspawn


Smoshmess2 From March, 2010:

This is Redheadactress. When I read the story of the person who worked for *Smosh Mess for Less* I knew I had to post. Unfortunately, I also work for Smosh Mess for Less.

And I hate it.

In fact I am currently attending bartending school so I can get away from this crap job. The assistant manager was a racist sexist prick and the coworkers are backstabbers and talk a lot of bullshit in Spanish and think the poor saps who don't speak Spanish can't understand what they are saying. (Boy are they soooo wrong about that) I had been passed over for a promotion I long deserved, but what-the-fuck-ever. I have stopped caring now.

Well recently we had a switch in Assistant Managers and she doesn't take anyone's bullshit so its been a bit better.

But the customers have been worse and worse.

I was doing customer service one night when a woman with three kids comes up, an older girl, a boy around 8, and an infant in a stroller.

The little boy wanted to pay for his toys separately, two WWF action figures, that were 4.99 each. He only had enough money to buy one, in which hearing the news, sat in the middle of the walkway and bawled for 20 minutes. Batspawn2

In the meantime I have other customers who want to check out, my other cashier is on lunch, and the only other person is in the fitting room who can't leave as my manager is doing interviews. (Oh yes, I have been asking for full time and keep getting turned down, but we can hire other people, that's so fucking intelligent!)

So I tell the mother I have to suspend the transaction and take the other people while she gets her son in order. She screams at me for being a racist. (WTF?)

So she gets her son up off the floor and he pays for his one item. However, as I am putting the money in the drawer and getting out the change, I notice both items are gone.

Me: "Can I please have the other figure back?"

Mother: "Now you're accusing my son of stealing?"

Me: "If he took both action figures, yes ma'am I am. He only paid for one."

Mother: "Jimmy, give back the other one, the mean lady won't let you have it."

Me: *thinking* WTF lady!

The child throws the figure at me then goes running outside the door.

I should note that our store is in the middle of a town center where there are other stores and lots of traffic.

HELLSPAWNTALES2This child is now running in and out of traffic.

He almost got hit twice.

Me: "Ma'am your child almost got hit."

Mother: "He will be fine!"

Me: "Please go get your son."

Mother: "You telling me how to raise my children?"

Me: "NO! I am simply telling you that your son could get very hurt."

Mother: "And it would be your fault for accusing him of stealing, you c**t!"

Me: "If you say so!"

Mother: "The customer is always right, I pay your wages! I am never coming back again."

Me: "Ok, have a nice day!" (transaction done).

The other customers in line applauded me for handling the situation with dignity. I apologized for the wait several times. A minute later we hear a crash.

The son that was playing in the middle of the street was hit by a car.

Good thing the car was only going 15 miles an hour at the most, so all he got was a few scratches and bruises, no serious damages.

My manager has appeared at this point and I explain what is going on.

The whole thing was caught on security camera (not the accident) so she believed me.

The woman then proceeds to yell at the driver that the reason he was playing in
traffic was because I accused her son of stealing...right...



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Bad Parents: Vampire Parenting



From: Riferous, March, 2010

I think that there has been a trend in the last couple of decades toward the absolutely ridiculous in terms of what is child abuse and what is good parenting. However, I did recently bear witness to what I would call incredibly horrible parenting.

A woman and her son, he being a mere 3 or 4 years of age, were in my store shopping. The boy had somehow acquired a flashlight, which the mother did not want him to have. She had taken hold of the flashlight and was telling him to give it to her, but he emphatically said "NO!"

I ask of you, the common blogger, whether you have exercised your reproductive capabilities or not, what you would do in the mother's place? Would you decide that this was not a battle that you wanted to fight and let the child keep the precious flashlight? Would you be the bitch and rip the flashlight from the child's hand, risking a raging temper tantrum? Would you apply a firm slap to the back side and then take the flashlight, still possibly inducing the much loved public crying and yelling?

While I would be willing to bet that most of you would choose one of those options or some derivative thereof, this mother did none of the above.

She bit him.

She actually took hold of his arm, raised it to her face, and bit his wrist.

Bad parentsShe then asked the child "Did that hurt?"


What do you think she did next?

That's right, she bit him again. And then took the flashlight from him, inducing the much anticipated screaming and crying that sounds so delightful when coming from someone else's child.

Being that it was not my place to tell this woman how to raise her child, and that I'm sure it wouldn't have changed her parenting methods one iota, all I could do was watch her walk away. Would that I could intervene, raise this child for my own, and maybe screw him up anyway, I'm pretty sure that I would never have bit him.

I don't remember, at least once I got to be school age, being spanked. I was a good kid anyway (and modest too). But I sure as hell never got bitten.

I hope that this mother remembers that she bit her child - twice - when he gets big enough to beat the shit out of her and raid her purse for drug money.



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Bad Parents: "Ma'am, I think your son is sick"



From December, 2010:

I am currently the head customer service cat-herder at a store that sells housewares and had two other sister stores that sell clothing as well as house stuff, let's call my store "HouseCrap". Call me Jadiepie. Long time stalker, first time submitter.

Been in retail off and on for past 12 years, but this story is from years back when I worked at in college, women's clothing, let's call it "Big City and Company".

A woman comes in with a little boy, maybe 3 years old, in a stroller and proceeds to start picking up clothes and collecting a batch to try on. Normal.

The kid is quiet, sniffling and a little glassy-eyed, but he's quiet and not grabbing stuff, so I'm not concerned.

I go back to check on them 20 minutes later and I notice a smell. The dirty diaper smell. And the kid looks uncomfortable.

I'm waiting for mom to decide to drop the shopping and take the kid home, but no. Ten minutes later, I look over and the smell is stronger.

I think at first that the toddler got some chocolate and smeared it.... but no. Yeah. The kid had diarrhea, it leaked from the diaper and was smeared all over the stroller and the kid.

Kid now looks completely out of it, glazed eyes, just a sick kiddo. Needs mommy to give him a bath, some pedialyte and immodium and let him rest.

So I look at mom.

She's contemplating a series of outfits and has moved to the register. So maybe she hasn't seen the kid.

I speak up: "Ma'am, I think your son is sick".

She glances at him: "He's okay, he can wait."

OCTOCAROL 057By now, the employee is taking over the future parent in me, and I'm waiting for stuff to start dripping on the floor, for it to get on merch, just the general foulness of the situation.

So I say "I'd be happy to place those items on hold for you, I'll even hold them until tomorrow (against policy) so you can come back after you take him home..."

Bad idea.

Mom's head snaps up and I get the slitty-eyed look of death.

"He's okay".

No, he's shitting all over my store. You are an unfit parent.

So I ring her up, with veiled looks of disdain, and she leaves.

Our store is across from the food court. After mom leaves our store, I see her across the way walking into the food court. Good, there's a bathroom there. She can clean him up and take him home.

No, She doesn't go to the hall with the bathroom, she stops at the Cookie place and gets a soda and then walks off. With the kid.

Off to the next store We all shook our heads. Should have called DFACS. Horrible.

Oh, and guess who got to put on rubber gloves and clean the floor?

I decided I couldn't deal with this anymore without speaking my piece, so I walk away and leave her to another.



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Bad Parents: Message to a Piggy Mom



From a pissed off RHUer, August 2009:

To the horrible mother who let her 2 year old strangle her infant with his arms (then praised the 2 year old for "giving your brother a hug")....

THEN let her infant munch and slobber all over the receipt- you knew you were going to have to hand over that receipt in a few short minutes to get your money back.

You didn't care that it was illegible and that I had to handle your son's slobber.

You are a terrible parent, and an inconsiderate pig.

Next time I catch you doing that crap in my store, I am going to call the dept. of children and families on you and your terrible parenting.



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Retail Balls Awards: Bad Mother Gets Shamed



From Kit, January, 2010, 

It's early autumn, about a year ago, and cold out, and about two hours from the end of my shift.  I'm cleaning up books off the floor as usual, wondering if you can buy new feet off the Black Market, when a concerned father walks up to me.

"Excuse me, ma'am," he said, "There's a little boy over by the train table and he's been by himself for over ten minutes."

Knowing people, I was pretty sure that he was exaggerating with the time, but also knowing people part of me told me that he was telling the truth. I have seen mothers leave their five year olds in my department to go check out a sale at Nordstrom or Macy's, and I've seen fathers abandon their kids to get their caffeine at the cafe in the store.  But being the "good dutiful employee" I assured the father that I would go investigate.

What I found horrified me. 

The child in question was probably no more than two years old, a tiny little Indian boy with a bowl cut and big brown eyes. He was standing off by himself, looking a bit worried, tiny fists bunching up the tri-color striped sweater he was wearing. 

I hunkered down to get to eye-level with this little boy and very softly and kindly asked him who he was with. 

He responded with a very meek, "My mother." 

Jason 030I asked where she was. He said he didn't know, he said that she had said that she would be back in a couple of minutes. 

I promptly went around the entire department trying to match up a mother to the boy, and when that didn't work, I resorted to shouting: "Is anyone with a little boy with black hair and a multi-colored sweater?" 

No answers and my stomach twisted even more. How could a parent leave a little boy who was seriously small enough to stuff into a backpack?

I returned to the little boy and asked him his name, thinking that I could page his mother in our store at least. 

His name was K***. 

I told him thank you and explained to him what I was going to do. 

He nodded his head, that little chin starting to tremble. 

I paged for the mother of K*** to come to the Children's Department immediately. I added in the immediately just to add some shame to it all. 

There was no response. So I paged her two more times. By then, another fifteen minutes had passed and so I notified the Manager on Duty. 

OCTOCAROL 116By all rights, we could've called child services on this neglectful woman, though we had to find her first.

I talked to the little boy again, trying to get more out of him. He then shared with me that he knew his home phone number. 

That was good news. The plan would be to call home, tell who ever picked up to call the boy's mother and tell her to come get her kid, who was starting to tear up. 

Crying children wasn't quite my forte. But with the luck I was having that day, the plan failed.  No one picked up. The kid was still stuck to me.

The Manager on Duty said if we didn't locate the mother in the next five minutes they would call mall security. Already I was getting a lot of sympathy from the parents present. They offered suggestions and made comments on how could a mother abandon her toddler like that. I agreed with them, the anger boiling up dangerously.

And just as I was going to call the manager, guess who showed up. 

When I confronted her, dropping the fact that we were going to call the police, she told me that she went out for a smoke and didn't want to expose her child. 

I lost it about then. As she sat down with her child, I let her have it.

It went something like this:

"Ma'am, you do not leave your child unattended ever in this store. We were going to call the police about this as well as child services. If you need to leave the department, you take your child; if you need to leave the store, you take your child; and especially if you need to leave the building, you take your child.  If you need your nicotine fix, you take your child. You don't want your child exposed, then quit."

All this while, I shook my finger at her as if scolding a puppy who piddled, and this happened in front of no less than six customers, all who had young children themselves. 

I shamed the mother big time and I saw it in her face. 

She stayed another ten minutes then left. The other parents commended me with smiles, and bought more stuff I recommended to them.



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