Bad Retail Slaves: Having A Disability Doesn't Make You Untouchable?!


Bad retail slavesFrom BossLady

I had an employee who called out on her SECOND day on the job and continued to call out once or more per week for each of the twenty some weeks she worked for us.

Firing took for-fricking-ever thanks to HR but I jumped through all their hoops because this constant calling out was absolutely killing all the other employees' morale.

My higher-ups were all chickenshit about firing her because she had a mental disorder and they feared discrimination suits. She thought she was untouchable due to this, so firing her using legitimate reasons threw a wrench in the center of her universe.

The day I got her termination papers ready, I called her into my office. She flounced into my office and before I could say a word, she spewed complaint after complaint that I was "harassing" her by repeatedly reprimanding her for calling out. She had a mental disorder. I was discriminating against her. I needed to accommodate her needs. Wahh wahh wahh the wahh-bulance has been called.

I said, "Well I have good news for you. You won't be 'harassed' anymore about coming to work. You're fired."

Watching her jaw drop was the sweetest sight I have ever seen.

She sputtered in horror, then shrieked that I couldn't do this! She had a mental disorder! You can't fire someone for that!

I pointed out that her disorder had been accommodated, but that the company required that she actually show up for work. Since she was constantly calling out, she was being let go for failing to actually... you know... work.

I cooly informed her, "We've done all that was legally required, and reasonable, to make your job possible in accordance to your disability. You are, however, required to meet us halfway. You refused to do so. Get your shit and get out."

While we were searching for a replacement, the rest of the staff got MORE work done less one employee than they did when the one bad apple was there.



Travel Hell: You People Are Idiots


Dumbass story timeFrom RHUer

I was flying from Sydney to Melbourne one day after work, I had come straight from work so I was still in my uniform.... I'm in the Royal Australian Navy. I had also been working in the magazine all day disposing of out of date ammunition and checking explosives (stock take and batch testing). So you could imagine I was covered in trace amounts.

So I had checked in and headed to security, got selected for swabbing, walked up to the security person and stated (at the same time as presenting a Defence ID) that the test will be positive due to the fact I had been working with explosives and ammunition all day (mind you I was still in my cams as well).

The little security chick loses her shit, hits the panic button and the AFP come out of the wood work, crash tackle me and start to arrest me, I am hauled up and taken to an interview room, my bag being carried by some troglodyte from security, mind you this is also a standard issue field day pack.... Security is then claiming I am an impostor and that any one can purchase the cams I was wearing online and reproduce the current defence ID.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) hears him out, then wants my side of the story. Basically long story short, they believed me after speaking to my CO and him explaining what I had been doing and confirming the fact that I am a member of the RAN!

I could have taken the whole place for Defamation and all that fun stuff, but its too much effort. I can't be bothered doing that.

The look on the Security Guard's face was priceless when the AFP Sargent proceeded to tell them they were an idiot for thinking a member of the RAN, in uniform, with ID, would be a terrorist.



Secret Shopper Hell: Stopping Them Cold


Carolanne 005From Dr_StrangeloveGA, TalesFromRetail

I detest secret shoppers with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns. They lie, they don't follow their shops, and half the time when I was in wireless, they just ran in, grabbed someone's business card and ran out.

The one time I was faced with a write-up for a shop, I knew who the shopper was. I asked what the profile was, it was supposed to be a shopper alone asking for a family plan. I knew who the shopper was because of the few questions she asked. She had a friend with her. I gave her the full sales spiel, much to her annoyance, as she clearly wanted to be gone.

"Pull the tapes," I said.

"Not allowed," I was told.

"I see, in that case, seeing as how I'm not allowed to defend myself, I'm not taking a write-up based on the fraudulent actions of someone who is not only not a member of management of this company, but is not even an employee of this company. I'd like for this to be forwarded to HR and will not speak to you about this subject until an HR representative is present."

Magically, it suddenly wasn't such a big deal at all.

By the way, I kept my job and worked many more years for the company.



Clothing Store Hell: The new kid at work


Carolanne2 072

From u/ebenz1006 Tales From Retail:

I’m a manager at a clothing store and I saw a name I recognized on the schedule as a new hire. Well it ended up being a kid I knew in high school who bullied me a lot. He came in for his orientation with his phone blasting rap music, while he was rapping. He did that the whole time my coworker was showing him around.

He finally got to work in the fitting room and within the first 15 minutes of him actually working, he told everyone he sold weed and asked if we wanted to buy some. He then continued to rap and swear in front of customers. He was even flirting with my co-manager.

We let him go on his break and he just never came he called the store and asked for the manager that he was flirting with and then proceeded to say he wasn’t coming back because his friend got shot 5 times. I looked on the news and nobody got shot within our area and better yet on Facebook he was reposting memes the hour he left work lol.

Sometimes I just have to laugh at the stuff I deal with working retail






Retail Hell Memories: The Radioactive Key Shop


MarvinFrom The Key Oracle:

Many decades ago my region of about 60 key shops lost our regional manager, which is what happens when you do not take care of your stuff, it gets lost. For some arcane reason probably involving stupidity, or saving what they would have paid him, the home office was in no hurry to replace him and instead divided up the shops into sub-regions the control of each was given over to some long term managers including me. The only stipulation was that to save even more money we were not allowed to visit our shops except in a dire emergency so this was basically a “phone only” deal.

To keep things anonymous I am going to call one of my shops “Mars” which as I type this just seems appropriate.

To set the stage, Mars was a walk-up hut (meaning that the customers stood outside the shop and were waited on through a window) in the parking lot of a major department store chain, ie., our host. Therefore most customers thought of us as the “host” key shop so the host was very adamant about keeping the complaints about the key shop to the absolute minimum as any complaint would reflect upon them.

Unfortunately the key shop was managed by Marvin, a very strange person that I had never met. To give you an idea of just how weird Marvin could be, one evening his employee leaned back in his chair and for the first time that evening noticed that there was a huge human eyeball painted on the ceiling of the shop surrounded by the text, “Watch what you are doing because I am.” When I was told of this I thought that this was pretty normal for Marvin considering the other things that I heard about him. He also had a habit of coming in hours late for work, or even skipping work for the day, so I got to have frequent talks with his Host store manager which usually involved yelling on his part.

So one random day I am waiting on customers at my shop when an odd looking customer comes in. He is about 50, thin, about 5’6”, short grey crewcut, and wearing thick rimmed glasses with paint specks all over them including the lenses. He stares straight at me, or more likely through me, and does not blink.

Jason 038I say, “Can I help you?” and in a monotone voice he says, “I am Marvin.” Well lots of people are named “Marvin” so I do not connect the dots and say, “Do you need some keys made Marvin?” In the voice of the dead he replies, “I am Marvin from Mars.”

A light bulb goes on and I say, “Well it is nice to finally meet you Marvin, however since you are here and your only worker is in school, who is running the Mars key shop right now?

He states, “You do not understand, a man left a vial of radioactive dust on my counter and it fell and broke open. Now the key shop is radioactive, and I am radioactive, and I am going to die.” With this he turns around, leaves, and disappears forever. We never hear from him again even for him to pick up his paychecks.

However at the moment I have a problem, I need to think of some way to get his shop open because obviously Marvin has finally gone looney-toons. I also need to call his host store manager so that he can yell at me yet again but at least this time I am on top of it and calling him.

As I am dialing the phone I think, “What if his story is true?” No, it couldn’t be, Marvin is a nut!” Well what is near Mars? Ok, there is a nuclear power station and a military hospital that specializes in nuclear medicine. No, he’s a nut!!! But what if people in Mars start dying of radiation poisoning and they find out that I knew about it and did nothing? Man, am I screwed.

So the Mars store manager’s secretary answers the phone and when I say who I am says, “Oh, I was just going to call you. Marvin did not show up again today and Mr. Guy is really mad.” “Please put me through.” I say.

Just as Mr. Guy starts his rant I interrupt to say that I have something important to tell him and relate the morning’s encounter. When I have finished there is a long interval of silence until I eventually hear, “What?” I say, “Look, I do not believe that your key shop is radioactive. Marvin is obviously swimming in the deep end of the “crazy” pool. But against all odds, what if it is true and we knew something and did nothing?” Mr. Guy says, “I’ll handle this, don’t send anyone to open the key shop, we will talk tomorrow.”

The aftermath…

If you call 911 and tell them that there may be a significant incident of radioactive contamination in a public place, people will show up unbelievably quickly. The unsuspecting folks that are already there will not be very happy. A 2 block in diameter area of a medium sized Midwestern city was evacuated and folks in moon suits with Geiger counters poked them everywhere. The result of course was nothing, Mars was once again safe for human habitation.

My talk with Mr. Guy the next morning was much more unpleasant than usual and Marvin the ex-Martian is still missing.

-- The Key Oracle









Misty Meanor's Tales From The Gas Station: Coworker Caused Chaos


Gas station 1

Misty Meanor here.

I thought it would be a while before I would have another story for you folks, but it seems that fate has taken a turn for the worst.  Not only has it affected me, but it's also affected my manager, who we'll call Michelle.
The night before I wrote this, I was on an evening shift with another co-worker who we'll call Jay.  I had seen Jay before and he seemed all right, but it wasn't until I worked a shift with him that I got to see that looks can be very deceiving.
Jay had been left a list of tasks to do, which included teaching Yours Truly how to brew iced tea for the customers.  However, the task was to actually SHOW me how to brew it, key word being 'show.'  Instead, what did he do? He just gave a vague description of the tasks required to clean the tea containers and how to refill the iced tea.  It was very vague and I couldn't keep track of it at all.  All the while, Jay was doing things like swearing even when customers were in the store, sitting around and playing on his phone, and most of all refusing to do other tasks because the computer task he was trying to do wouldn't work.  What Jay should've done was let the computer do its thing and check on it now and then while doing other tasks.  Instead, he sat in the office for the most part waiting for the support team to call him back.  Which they never did.
Fast forward to today.
I came in for my morning shift and Michelle was there.  As soon as I timed in, she asked if I was shown how to make iced tea, at which point I told her that I was not shown but rather briefly told.  It was at this point that Michelle started sarcastically praising Jay for not doing any of the tasks he was supposed to do.  After that, she started showing me how to make the iced tea and clean the containers.  Not long after that, I heard my general manager talking on the phone with a higher-up.  She was telling them that Jay had just quit on the spot! Or more specifically, via text.
Michelle had sent Jay a text telling him that he had neglected to do his tasks the previous night before, and as a result, was getting a write-up.  Jay's response to this was to text Michelle back saying that he felt the best way to resolve this was to separate himself from the gas station immediately.  Very inconsiderate as it is, but there's more.
Jay was one of the few workers who could work the overnight shifts, and losing him meant that Michelle needed to find coverage fast.  Unfortunately, the only other person qualified to do overnight shifts was in the hospital.  As a result, Michelle was doing her best calling everywhere and her District Manager trying to find coverage for the overnight shifts.
It got so bad at several points that Michelle broke down crying, which led to Yours Truly offering her support and encouragement.
Eventually, Michelle was able to find someone to work a couple of double shifts.  Unfortunately, the double shift worker is required to take a break in between the morning and overnight shifts, which means Yours Truly needs to start work earlier than usual.  So not only did this affect Michelle, but it also affected Yours Truly as well!
I'm hoping that the other worker gets out of the hospital soon and that Michelle can find someone to replace Jay.  Seriously, that guy didn't give a damn about anyone but himself.  I hope karma bites him you-know-where!
For now, may all your co-workers have consideration for others and be willing to accept their mistakes.
--Misty Meanor