Monstrous Customers: (5:30am) No freshly baked bread?



From u/Tritefull Tales From Retail:

Many of you might recall that I had a hard time with my old department and that I was relocated to the bakery department, thanks to a lovely, lovely bakery manager.

I just need to share this experience, for the pure humour of it.

Our shop is a twenty-four hour store. For my training shifts, I have been scheduled from 5am-1pm, to get everything done and make sure when I fool up that I can correct what I did wrong and so on, because in a bakery it is bound to happen and it has happened with me.

Two days ago, my first shift when I was alone for an hour, when for the first time I had to set up the ovens and proofers and sort out the mixes and read the list my trainer left me of what to begin with (and God love him, and God love my co-worker and friend who helped me out that day when I was on my own, he'll never know how much I appreciated his patience). A lady, at 5:30 comes in. She will be I.L. for idiot lady. I will be me.

I.L.: (banging on bakery counter)

Me: Hey! What can I do for you?

I.L.: I need some fresh baked homestyle bread.

Me: That won't be ready for about an hour.

I.L.: Isn't this a 24 hour grocery store?

Me: Yes, but that's the main part of the store, mainly grocery and what's on the shelves. Our departments don't open until certain times. I just came in and am taking care of the paperwork and setting up our dough for the day.

I.L.: Ridiculous. The sign outside says 24 hours.

Me: Yes, it does, but there are several loaves out on the shelf of homestyle bread. You cannot come at 5:30 in the morning and expect everything to be freshly baked. I guarantee you that what you find on the shelf is as good as what I can do for you.

I.L.: I guess I'll go somewhere else.

Me: Good luck, most bakeries open at 9 or later. Let me know if you find something else.


My rant ends here.








Monstrous Customers: Can I have another customer's item?



From u/GoabNZ Tales From Retail:

So I work in a bakery, in a supermarket, and amongst your regular baguettes and sliced loafs and rolls and stuff, we have your more "upmarket" breads including pane ciabatta, pane di casa and sourdough etc.

One of these breads is really popular (though to be honest I can't see the fuss about it but if the customer wants it then they want it), and so sometimes we run out. It can be hard to predict sales because there are a few people who when they do come in, they'll buy several of them and freeze some I guess. But if they don't come in, we might not sell them all. Because the name might identify me, it shall remain nameless.

So cue busy Saturday morning. We get a phone call asking to hold a couple of loaves aside, sliced, to be picked up at noon. We comply, and store them in bread crates. Well, so busy that we quickly sell them all and the bakers start to prepare some more.

We get your usual requests for them, and we apologise, explain the situation and most people understand. Not this one lady however.

Lady: "Have you got any of that bread?"

Me: "No sorry, it's sold out and the next batch will be some some time away."

Lady looks past me and sees the order.

Lady: "I see some there, can I have that?"

Me: "Sorry, a customer has ordered that and will be here soon to pick it up."

Lady: "Well I'm here now so you can give me and they can have the next batch."

Me: "No, I'm sorry but the next batch will be too late and we've already promised them that bread at that time."

Lady mentions something about first in first served, and I'm just like, they had the foresight to understand that and order some ahead of time. If you'd done that then we'd do the same for you. But either way, one person is leaving empty handed. Priority goes to the person who ordered because we've promised them, we haven't promised you.

So I eventually manage to convince her and get back to my work. Or so I thought. I find out she straight away went to another worker to ask the same question - can I have anther customer's item. Again she was denied but she acted like a child asking dad because mum said no.

Not only did the customer who ordered them come only minutes after, I'm told we keep it further in the bakery than we used to because some customers in the past have literally walked in, ignoring all signs, without hair nets, and grabbed what they see in crates to buy. Ignoring the fact that they sometimes are old, unsafe, or recalled products waiting to be processed. So we changed the layout to make it harder to see, and harder to barge in and take without being caught. She might've tried this because apparently its happened before.

Anyway, she huffed away in a "never coming back" attitude.










Retail Hell Memories: Cake decorators need to be OBGYNs too


Carolanne 047

From  Ilickedthecinnabar, Tales From Retail:

Yes, another tale from my (now old) store's bakery!

Our cake decorator (CD) had put together this cupcake arrangement for a baby shower. The cupcakes were positioned and iced to look like a baby carriage and the icing was colored with white, pastel blue and pink. All together, it was a cute little treat for a baby shower.

The young mom-to-be comes into pick up her order, and while I was on the other side of the bakery, I could tell she wasn't happy, and our decorator spent around 20 minutes dealing with her and her order. CD came over to me later, exasperated, and told me what happened.

Mom-to-Be: Oh! It should have been all pink!

CD: I was never told this--the order just called for colors appropriate for a baby shower. <as she points out on the order form>

MtB: Well, I didn't think you would use blue! And the cupcakes should have been pink too! (This wasn't on the order form either...and CD is very good about getting all the necessary details while writing down an order and repeating the order back to the customer to make sure nothing was missed.)

It went like this for the entire 20 minutes CD was dealing with MtB, who tried to get CD to remove all the blue frosting from the cupcakes, although that would have messed up the whole thing and would have forced CD to start fresh. She then tried to get CD to spray the blue frosting with pink coloring and CD couldn't get it through MtB's head how this wouldn't work. All CD could do was add additional pink frosting details, and when MtB started to complain it wasn't enough, CD threatened to charge even more for her order. MtB finally shut her mouth and left with her cupcakes.

So, I guess bakeries need to to have ultrasound machines in the back so they know which color to use...?

-- Ilickedthecinnabar





Retail Hell Memories: "You didn't have to do that.."


Carolanne 005

From Lawsomepossom, Tales From Retail:

I used to work at a "bakery" in the mall that mostly sold cookies and cookie-cakes. We only make the cakes by order (although it only has to be 15-30 minutes in advance), and keep all of the completed order forms for about a week in case there are any issues, discrepancies, etc.

One day, I am helping customers as usual, and this nice couple hands me a $50 that they apparently found in front of the cash register. I was pretty stunned that not only a) did someone drop $50, but b) that this couple didn't just snatch it and run.

I took it to the back, and noticed it was triple folded in a strange way; not enough to be done on purpose, but too creased to be from a tri-fold wallet. I remembered one older gentleman who had just payed for a cookie cake about 5 minutes earlier with a card from a money clip, so I went to the completed order box, called the number and got his Wife on the phone (W).

Me: Hi, this is Name from Store, could you ask the gentleman who picked up this cake to come back, we think he left something at the counter.

W: He's still in the mall, I'll go ahead and let him know!

[couple minutes later, gentleman (GM) arrives]

Me: Hello Sir! Have you happened to noticed anything missing?

GM: Well, I got a call from my wife saying I had, so I checked everything, my keys, clip, phone. I'm pretty sure I've lost a $50 bill actually.

I pulled it out of my back pocket, and he is completely dumbfounded.

GM: That's incredible.. You know you didn't have to do that..

Me: [something trying to sound noble, can't quite remember]

He ended up handing me a $10 as a Thank-You, which was my largest tip over the 2 years I spent there. I felt obligated to find the money's rightful owner because of that selfless couple who didn't take it to begin with because I know 100% that I would have snagged it immediately.