Entitled Customers: Ranch Dressing!


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From PurplePubes22, Tales From Retail:

I work in a grocery store at the bakery counter. We always have customers coming up to the counter asking for help with something from produce and the deli since we're between those departments.

Well today I was standing behind the counter pulling hamburger buns off a rack and putting them in bags and printing off the labels when a guy walks over from the salad bar and tells me there isn't any ranch dressing.

I said "I'm sorry sir, give me a moment and I'll get someone from produce to help you." As I'm walking away he says "why can't you just get it for me!" in a really demanding tone. I just smiled and said "I work in the bakery, sir. The salad bar is run by produce... but it will only take a minute for me to get someone" the dude smacks the counter and straight up stomps his feet back over to his salad.

Do people not understand? I work in the bakery. I can and will gladly get someone from another department to assist you but I can't pull ranch dressing out of my ass.









Easter Tales: It's. On.The. Voucher.


4 easterFrom Stuck_In_Purgatory, TalesFromRetail

We had a voucher. Buy an Easter dozen and get a dozen glazed free!! This happened in drive thru.

C: I have this voucher...

M: The Easter dozen one?

C: Yeah. What do the donuts look like? What donuts do I get?

M: There is a picture on the voucher that shows you exactly what you get :)

C: Yeah but what do they look like?

M: The picture on the voucher...

C: But I want to know what ones I get.

M: The easter box and the glazed. There is a picture on the voucher. Also on the board if front of you.

C: But I just want to see what it looks like!

M: Drive around please.

I then box them up and show her.

C: Oh... Okay.

M: See, just like the picture.

C: Okay and the other ones, do I just get glazed?


Eventually we got that figured out.