Bathroom Hell: A Visit From One of Mr. Hankey's Relatives



July, 2008:

RHUer Jason in Kentucky sent us a Customer shit story to end all shit stories. It didn't happen in a fitting room, but instead in a Men's room and he gives us all some sobering advice when we use public restrooms:

"One night I was at work at a big name Truck Stop about 2 years ago. I was the Shift Supervisor and had to get the place looking good for the company's founder's visit. I asked the maintenance man if he could go clean the bathrooms. He said no problem and went on his way.

About 5 minutes later, I hear my name on the intercom to come to the back hallway. I go back there and the maintenance man looked like he was gonna puke.

All he said was follow me. So we go in the men's bathroom and he points to the middle stall.

I open the door and I kid you not, there was a shit stick figure man on the big plastic toilet paper holder.

It had a round head, body, and arms and legs. It was nasty. As much as I hated to make him clean up the mess (and there was a hell of a mess), I had to.Shitfiga

The next night, he pages me again and I go back there.

Again he says follow me and we go to the men's room. In the middle stall there was another shit figure. This time it was a middle finger with detail on the plastic toilet paper holder.

I take it that truck drivers have a lot of time on there hands (and shit).

The moral of this story is, don't lay anything (cups, phones, etc) on the toilet paper dispenser. You never know what has been on there."




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Thrift Store Hell: Men's Restroom Horror



From Nicole, September, 2008:

I work at a small thrift store, and each of the slaves that works there has to clean the public bathrooms once a week, before the store opens. Well, my coworker called in sick on her bathroom day, so guess who got stuck doing it for her?
So, after cleaning the women's restroom, I opened the door to the men's. I was immediately hit by a wall of filthy stench. Walking farther into the room with my hand over my nose and mouth, I suddenly saw the source of the stench.
Some filthy asshole (literally) had taken a shit IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR. It didn't look like he had an accident and didn't make it to the toilet. He seriously must have just exposed his nasty ass, squatted, and taken a dump. In the middle of the floor. Deliberately.
It took me hours to clean it up, and I thought it could never get any worse. I was wrong.
Later that day, my boss informs me that one of the toilets in the same fucking bathroom has overflowed, and I got to wade into the putrid six-inch-high shit flood, wearing thigh-high rubber boots.
I had to unclog the drain in the middle of the floor, unclog the toilet, and shovel chunks of slimy shit into trash bags. I think they should make a horror movie after my story.









Entitled Customers: Restroom Out of Service


Jason 027

From an Anonymous Fed Up Retail Slave, August, 2009:

It's midday Thursday at the office park.

The boss tells me to replace a couple of ballasts in the fluorescent light fixtures in a third floor ladies room. I get the necessary equipment, put up a large plastic A-frame sign that reads:

"Restroom Out Of Service".

I then prop the door open, place one six-foot tall step ladder in the doorway and place bright yellow "Caution" tape across the doorway.

I then set up a second ladder in one of the stalls in order to reach the overhead light fixture. Five minutes into the job, a woman comes into the rest room. I tell her the ladies room is closed. She says, "No problem, I'll only be a minute".

Before I could say anything else, she walks into the adjacent stall, drops her panties and begins to pee.

She then looks up at me and says, "Do you fucking MIND? I'd like a little PRIVACY here!"

So my question is: What the HELL is wrong with people?

--Anonymous Fed Up Retail Slave