Awesome Customers: Pitching In To Help with Piggy Shopper Mess


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From SweenyToddsAssistant Tales From Retail:

I work in a franchise retail store here in the USA. As I was walking to the front of the store to retrieve items that customers give second thoughts, I spotted shish kabob sticks scattered all over the floor.

Me: Yaye, pick up sticks!!! ( nah, I didn't really say that)

Me ( For real): Really?

So I get on the floor and start picking up the sticks when a male homosapien customer comes to me.

MHC: Excuse me, miss? Sorry to bother, I know you're busy

Me: ( internally ) Not really, just picking up crap off the floor ( no sarcasm )

MHC: Do you know those juice pouches that infants drink out of?

Me: * Nods* Yes, sir

MHC: Do you know if ya'll carry the refillable pouches?

Me: Ummm, I don't know. Let me turn on my phone so I can look on our app ( my store has an app)

MHC: * Gets down on the ground and starts picking up the sticks* Thank you

Me: * Surprised* Oh, thank you, sir

MHC: So someone just makes a mess and walks away

Me: Yup, I witnessed a man spill his drink when I first came in and he just walked away

MHC: * Something about humans being indecent *

Me: Yup * Typing up the item he's looking for and trying to figure out how to spell refillable cause that's me for you*

Turns out we didn't have the item, but after I finished helping him he opened up the bag for me so I could put the sticks back in and he tried helping me up, but I got up myself cause I'm an independent woman who needs no man! Nah, I'm kidding, sheesh, take a joke.

Anyway, I told him he was the first customer to do something so nice. I wanted to post this on here cause I read too many rude customer stories on here and there are good ones out there, too.







Inspiring Customers: "What does the six stand for?"


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From anotherknockoffcrow Tales From Retail:

I do a lot of cashiering, and while customers watch me ring they frequently ask about my tattoos, specifically several low-quality stick n pokes on my left arm that I did myself. They are all very personal and I did them all very drunk with the exception of a tattoo of six tally marks.

Today I was ringing out a middle aged couple when the man asked me what the six stood for. I don't always tell customers what my tats mean because too often they think I'm looking for a rude opinion but this guy had been polite so far, so I said, > "I did it on my sixth day sober. It helped me get to seven."

Immediately the guy lifted his left arm to show me a tattoo of roman numerals and said, > "This was for four years sober."

It really took me surprise as the coolest part of my day. As yall can probably relate to I go into a lot of interactions with customers dreading what they're going to say to me so it's awesome to have a moment like this instead.









Retail Hell Memories: The Thanksgiving Couple - A Positive Tale



From  PandaSoap, Tales From Retail:

This last Thanksgiving I, like many others, had to work. More specifically, I had to work a shift that was during the prime meal time, meaning I would miss dinner. Not one coworker of mine was happy to be there. Our only hope opening up that afternoon was that it wouldn't be busy. Boy were we wrong.

Doors open and there was already a medium crowd outside the store. People were acting like they normally do (not saying anything to us after we say hello, general dehumanizing stuff you know). Then it happened. This young (mid to late 20s) couple comes in and I offer to help them. The woman wasn't rude, but more neutral in tone towards me (a welcome attitude at that point). The man, however, was the most polite customer I had delt with in a long time. I helped them and they came back to me and asked for more help a bit later, but they were both still super polite and treated me like a person. They both thanked me and it honestly made the rest of my shift bearable.

Working on a holiday sucks. Especially a family oriented one.

To those who go into stores on holidays: I get that most employees aren't going to be in the best mood, but if you flash a smile and treat us like humans rather than servants it will make our interaction with you better, as well as our mood in general.

If you were "that couple" to any retail employee, thank you.

TL;DR: A pleasent customer interaction can make all the difference.

-- PandaSoap





Closing Time Kindness Leaves Cashier with Good Feeling



From UndeadDragon, Tales From Retail:

I work in a large chain supermarket as the service desk supervisor. The time is now 5 mins past closing, I and my colleague go home in 10 mins and we are getting the last few customers out.

Story: I finish off closing the self scan machines and go to help pack for my colleague (WC). As I approach WC the customer is having trouble with her card.

Card Lady: (in very poor English, probably second or third language) I Just get my husband.

Me; No problem, I’ll just suspend your shopping and we can deal with it.

CL nods and calls her husband. (Internally, please be an easy fix, I want to go home.

WC and I greet the next customer through a quick chat we discover that she has just moved house and is new to the area and just had to get the essentials, that is why she is in so late. She is apologetic and really lovely.

CL’s husband comes to the locked door.

Me: (to CL) Is that your husband?

CL: Yes.

I let him in he hands CL some cash. As this happens Moving house Lady finishes her payment and is packing up her trolley.

CL: Can we pay two ways?

WC: Yes that’s fine. (He try’s the lesser amount of $66.57 on the card. The card declines. CL’s face drops. I feel a little crushed inside.)

Moved House Lady: (finishing off packing her trolley) What’s the difference?

Me: $66.57

MHL: I’ll pay for it.

Me: are you sure? (CL is distracted by her husband at this point and doesn’t notice this)

MHL pays. The transaction is complete. I hand CL the receipt.

CL: What?

MHL: I got you. It’s all paid for.

CL: No no.

MHL: It is already done. Take your shopping enjoy your night.

CL: Thank you. I pay back.

MHL: You don’t have to.

I then let them both out of the store and they chat for a few more minutes outside. They are both smiling and laughing.

It is now 12 past closing and I finish up the close and go hope feeling happy that I could witness such kindness.







Awesome Customers: A Sweet Thank You



From PoorCashier, Tales From Retail:

It happened not even a week ago.

There rarely are persons speaking English at the register (cashiers as well as customers), since I live in the very east of Germany in the countryside, so here's barely any tourism.

What's more, my store is located ten minutes from the border to the Czech Republic and Poland, it's a crossing of three countries there.

Now to the story: I had a Czech/Polish woman at my register, surprisingly speaking English with me. She was a very sweet, young woman and we small talked a bit. She bought two carts full of items, which is normal, since Polish/Czech like to shop in Germany, due to the items having a higher quality (according to them).

Now, the thing is, there were a lot of customers, since it was one of our busiest times of the day. The woman was very ashamed for her buying so much amd holding up the line, and she was very nervous.

I always tried to keep her calm. She's a good customer for buying so much; she doesn't need to be ashamed; it's alright; she can take her time, since the others can also get in line at another register.

It seemed to help and in the end I helped her with her baging, which we normally don't do in our store. She was very kind so I wanted to give her a good service and make her day a bit better.

After a while, we were done.

Woman: I'm so sorry for holding up the line, I didn't mean to stress you...

Me: It's alright, really :) It's my job after all.

Woman: You did a very good job. You're very outstanding and so smiley and friendly!

I was flattered and it really brought a big smile to my face, which lasted until I clocked out.

After I clocked out two hours later, it turned out that she left a message at the customer service desk for my manager, praising me into heaven, what an outstanding worker I am and how my managers better should aknowledge that.

And what's more, she left some sweets from her shopping for me to take home!

This is probably the sweetest customer I ever had until now and I really appreciate it. Makes me smile until today and I hope every retail worker has a customer like this at least once!






Pharmacy Drive Thru Cashier Gets a Sweet Surprise From an Appreciative Customer



From SamuraiJack365 Tales From Retail:

This is gonna be short but it made me happy so I wanted to share. 

I work in a large chain pharmacy. Today we had a customer come in through our drive through. I had been on the window but I was starting to walk away and my manager took over so I could grab something for her that she had trouble getting. Before I could she opened the window and he hands her a big thing of smallish York peppermint patties.

Manager: What's this for?

Customer: For doing such a great job.

M: Oh, well thank you! Are you picking anything up?

C: Nope, just wanted to give you this. Have a great day!

People like this and the last who regularly brings us fudge make the job not so bad!