Retail Memories: Mum Kindness at the Zoo



From mermaid-for-this, Tales From Retail:

Spent a summer working in the gift shop of a small zoo that was in a wealthy area, posh mums were the bane of my existence but one of them was responsible for the kindest gesture I've seen in my retail career.

I was finishing a transaction with a lovely woman (Mum1) who was trying to unfold her buggy so she could leave but was struggling. Gift shop was quite small so she was blocking people from moving past her to the exit, there was quite a wealthy looking woman (Mum2) behind her waiting to leave with her own buggy and I braced myself for unpleasantness.

Mum1: Oh I'm SO sorry this buggy is rubbish but we can't really justify buying a new one

Mum2: What brand is it?

Mum1: Names a low-end brand

Mum2: Oh no they're terrible quality. You know my little one has pretty much grown out of this one and we were going to get rid of it, you may as well take it!

Mum1 is astounded and protests to this gesture but Mum2 is already collecting her stuff from the buggy to hand it over.

Mum2: Honestly you'd be doing me a favour, otherwise I'd have to arrange for someone to collect it.

Mum2 refuses to take any money of Mum1 and leaves with her child, thanking us for the visit. Mum1 is still in shock and then checks the brand of her new buggy and practically faints.

Mum1: This brand costs over a thousand normally!

We look the model up on the computer (hey, slow day) and lo and behold this buggy (which is in very good condition) retails for around £1,300, and this woman has handed it over like it was nothing. Mum1 teared up and told me they couldn't afford even a cheap new model and now had a high-end one! She left still in daze after I said we could dispose of her old one and I thought about this interaction every time I had to deal with horrible customers that summer.





Valentine's Day Behind the Register and a Moment of Customer Kindness



From  m00nagedaydreams, Tales From Retail:

Happy Valentine's/ Single Awareness/ OhMyGodIActuallyHaveToDefineThisRelationship Day!

All day at work I rang up last minute lovers, each of them trying to find the perfect gift to express their affection to their partners. They squinted at the summaries on the backs of books, scratched their heads in front of the red & pink sea of cards, & straightened their fancy clothes as they waited in line. They eagerly handed over their credit cards when they reached me, as if I had the power to give them true love with their gift receipts.

Towards the end of the night, a middle school aged boy got in line. He was tall & lanky, & leaned forward as he quickly scurried to the register, as if he was carrying an oversized backpack & was rushing in a hallway just to be early to his next class. He shifted his weight nervously from foot to foot & gave me a tight lipped smile when he laid down a book of Pablo Neruda love poems & a dainty dragonfly bookmark.

"Ooooh," I said "is there a special someone in your class?"

He briskly shook his head & had to readjust the thick rimmed glasses that slid down his nose. "Oh no no, these are for my mom. She's my valentine."

He snatched a gift card from the counter that read "For Mom" & handed me a 20 dollar bill.

"Can you put whatever is left over on the card for her? I want her to come in & get whatever she wants."

At this point, my eyes are watering at the sweetness of it all as I scan his choices.

Feb 007The poems & bookmark end up totaling to $20.84, so I tell him I wouldn't be able to put anything on the giftcard & ask if he had the remaining 84 cents.

"Wait.. wait hold on..." he stammered.

His fingers trip over the Velcro on this wallet & he anxiously pushes his glasses up his nose as he searches each empty pocket.

"Okay wait... let me see.." he keeps stuttering as if somehow a dollar would appear in the wallet that only held a school ID & the $20 he came in with.

A woman behind him sighs & starts tapping her foot impatiently. "Well maybe I can just-" he starts before an older gentleman in the back of the line yells to me "Hey, how much does the kid need?"

I tell him the balance & he walks up to the register & hands me a dollar bill. The boy's eyes widen in shock as the man tells him to just keep the change & returns to his place in line.

I hand him his receipt & the sixteen cents which he then hands back to the man, repeating "thank you, sir! Thank you, sir!"

"No I said you can keep-" but the boy was already tripping over his feet, running out the door, eager to get his gifts home to his mom. True love can't be found from a cheesy online quiz, from matching up horoscopes, or from plucking the petals from a flower. It's not a fancy dinner, a dozen roses, or a box of chocolates.

True love is found in quiet moments, in small details. Its checking to make sure someone got home safe, kicking covers over your partners feet to make sure they stay warm at night, or squeezing for an extra second longer at goodbyes. It can be shared between a boyfriend & girlfriend, a mother & son, or even two strangers who will never know each other's names. Whether you spent the day with a partner or cuddled up with a bowl of brownie batter, I hope you took a moment to be thankful for the love in your life. & I hope that whenever it seems like your plans fall apart & your life is moving down the wrong path, just know true love will always be waiting right around the corner to wrap you in its arms, or even just to hand you 84¢.

-- m00nagedaydreams








Retail Memories: Sharing the Love on Valentine's Day


Carolanne 006


From  el3ctrick1tty, Tales From Retail:

Let me preface this by saying today was not a good day. I had asked for today off weeks ago to travel 3 hours away to spend time with my SO. Got a call as I was about to leave. Sick co-worker needs someone to cover and I'm the only one who can, so I canceled my plans.

Fast forward to this afternoon, a customer came to my register to be rung out and asked me if I'm almost done. I told her my situation and said I'm not out until 9:30pm. She frowned and apologized.

About an hour later, her and her son came back, which gets me thinking, "Oh no, what did I screw up this time?" I greeted them, and the youngster pulls a chocolate rose from behind his back and hands it to me. I almost cried, hugged both of them, and thanked them for their kindness. I only hope they know how much that meant to me today!

-- el3ctrick1tty



Acts of Customer Kindness: Apologizing For Grinchy Behavior


Xmas2009 047z

From sarahgrainger, Tales From Retail:

so I work in a grocery store, and today I finally had a story worth telling. Some back story though, as it is a 2 day experience.

Yesterday I had a customer who wanted to use 3 coupons, which I had no problem with, but they are store specific so I needed to do them after I scanned all the items - so I set them aside to do after the order.

Well $90 I've forgotten about the coupons until the man brings it up, I panic and ask him to pull out his card but it was too late and it had already gone though. So I do a refund so he can get the coupons, but our system is very outdated so I had to do a refund and then in a seperate transaction scan them all again, and this time with the coupons.

The guy is visibly losing his patience, which I totally understand because it's been like 8 minutes past at this point, but he was by no means rude to me by my usual standard.

Anyways, today I was working and the guy from yesterday comes up to me and says "sorry, but I do believe that I came through your cash register yesterday? With the coupons?" I assumed the worst, and that maybe the refund hadn't gone through or something. But he handed me some chocolate and said "I'm so sorry, I feel like my temper got out of hand yesterday so I bought these for you." And I tried to refuse but he just put them on my cash register and walked away.

Sweet customers are the best








Customer Kindness in Arizona: Diner Leaves $2,000 Tip as Early Christmas Present For Staff to Split



From ABC13:

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (KNXV/CNN) - It was an early Christmas present for the staff at a diner in Arizona - A simple breakfast resulted in a $2,000 tip from one generous customer.

It was a typical busy breakfast rush at the 5 & Diner, except for one extraordinary customer. A stranger ordered eggs and bacon and left behind a lot more than the $17 he owed for his food.

It was a tip that made the restaurant employee rub her eyes and take a second look.

"When you look at it you think, 'Oh, $200' ... but no, it was $2,000," said Delia Meek, a manager at the diner. "I don't think I've ever seen that one. You hear about it on the news but never think it'll happen to you."

Along with the generous tip was a message that made every employee's day: "Please split with the whole staff, Merry Christmas!"

It ended up being $222 a person.

"It takes a lot of weight off their shoulders; $200 makes a big difference on bus boy pay or cooks' pay or hostess. So, $200, it makes your week," Meek said.

The act of kindness has been contagious. Other customers also stepping up with generous tips after hearing about the kind stranger.

"I just got one for $200, and it almost made me cry," Meek said.

read more on ABC13



Retail Kindness: Customers Thank Korean War Veteran For Service at Store's Veteran's Day Promotion


Jason 012

From  jmb555666, Tales From Retail:

Not me, but an older lady I work with told me this story from yesterday (when our store was observing Veteran's Day.)

A little back story: We have a regular customer who is a Korean War veteran and he'll often come into the store (like every other day) I guess to pass time and talk to people. Whatever, he's no bother, and a genuinely nice person to talk to.

So yesterday, there was a huge line at the front of the store, so he walked back to the customer service desk where my coworker was, and asked if he could buy his shirt there instead of waiting in line for 15+ minutes. She said she could absolutely do that for him. He was dressed in his navy uniform for Veteran's day (I think he had gone to some event in the morning) and there was a couple standing nearby.

When my coworker read the total ($19 or something like that) the husband from the nearby couple walked up and put a $20 bill on the counter and said "I'll take care of that. Thank you for your service, sir." and the old veteran said "oh thank you, you really didn't have to do that." and the guy replied "well you didn't have to do what you did either. It's my pleasure."

It was a nice little interaction within the craziness of the store yesterday and it brought a smile to my face :)

Edit: clarification that it was Friday the 10th, when the store observed Veteran's day, not Veteran's day itself.

-- jmb555666