Wedding Hell: Momzillas Can Be Worse Than Bridezillas


ZillaFrom u/McZorlack13TalesFromRetail

A few years back I worked at a wedding/formal gown store as a Bridal Consultant. The show "Say Yes to the Dress" was more relatable than I'd like to admit, and I have too many stories. This one stands out, though.

It was a slower day, and there were two other consultants plus myself just hanging around, when an entire entourage enters our store. We begin our spiel with introductions, what's your budget, blah blah blah, and get to the "So when's the big day?"

She says, "THIS WEEKEND."

Yay, pretty much a guaranteed sale! Since they were so short on time, Other Consultant (OC) and I join forces to get this really nice Bride (B) a dress asap.

As we begin gathering details for what she wants her dress to look like, it becomes very apparent that her mother, hereafter Momzilla (MZ), has VERY different ideas of what she wants her daughter's dress to look like. But obviously B's opinion is more important to us, so we pick out what she wanted: white, fitted, simple but elegant. OC and I bring some options into her fitting room and get her dressed.

The first one we put B in was gorgeous, exactly what she wanted. White, fitted down to the knees, the perfect cut for her figure, just perfect. She was quite happy. We brought B out to show off her dress to her entourage, which brought happy squeals of amazement from everyone--except MZ. Her face instantly looked disappointed. Poor B was sad to make her mom feel bad, and it got really awkward really fast.

OC and I asked MZ what she had hoped to see, and it was basically the opposite: ivory, Princess ballgown, fancy...

B was clearly not thrilled with that, and tried to argue with MZ, while we continued trying to bring the focus back to B. It was HER wedding, after all!

After a couple of incredibly awkward minutes, MZ looked B straight in the eyes and said, "I have dreamed about your wedding day since you were born. In my dreams you are always in an ivory dress. You NEED to do what I want you to do."

And with that, B slumped back to the fitting room, removed the dress, and left with her whole entourage. OC and I spent the rest of the day trying to pick our jaws up off the floor.

Did I mention that their wedding was that weekend??



Bridezillas: Three Stories


1bridezillaFrom Crdude21, AskReddit

I am an assistant GM at two wedding venues! I have probably seen over 500 weddings in the last 7 years...

Bride cried from the moment she got there to the moment she left. I never knew someone could physically produce this many tears.

Over what? Anything and everything.

She cried because she didn't like how she looked in her dress the day of. She cried because her bridesmaid complemented her but not in the right way. She cried because she wasn't ready to go down the aisle when her ceremony should have started (because she had been crying).

I could continue but I think y'all get the picture. Super spoiled with a rich dad and way too high standards for everyone.



Groom was a doctor and was as cocky as could be. His opening speech before dinner was about 30 min. He talked about him and his wife and thanked no one for coming. Jumped back on the mic again during open dancing and talked again about themselves.

Carolanne axeBride was a nightmare. I've never met someone who spoke so disrespectfully to their mother.

She said to me at the beginning of the night "This glass (whisky, sprite) better not get under half full this whole night or we will have a problem!"

Well legally I cannot follow through with that so we had problems. Other than that she completely ignored the planner and refused to do anything the coordinator did the ENTIRE NIGHT. So nothing was done on schedule and things were missed. The next day they called the building and said they wanted to speak with the owner.

They came in and complained that nothing they were promised, and paid for, happened last night. i.e. the bride wanted asparagus as a side instead of grilled veg. (false, I told her we could do it at the meal preview and she said she had to think about it.) She said no one ever delivered the late night snacks (They were milkshake shots, I personally brought them out twice and she said she didn't want them.) She said the uplighting was supposed to be multi-colored (impossible so no one would have offered it) and the one that gets me the most is that they were promised a round of golf for four... Now granted we are close to a golf course but have no relation to the PROFESSIONAL, PRIVATE, TOUR golf course next door.

Anyways these accusations continued because they got drunk and don't remember what happened the night before and threatened us a bad review if they didn't get $5,000 back.

They were laughed at.



This one is just funny... we had a guest get so drunk (out in the parking lot, we refused to serve him at all) that he passed out on the couch in the cocktail lounge and pissed himself in front of like 200 people.

They all came over from hotel bus shuttles so no one could take him home. He had to wait an hour for the shuttle to come back.



Bridezillas: The Heartbreaking Tale Of A Pregnancy And A Cancelled Wedding


BridezillaFrom RHUer

Late to the Zilla party but this was just too much to wait for the theme to come back around.

I got to watch a glorious bout of family drama as the wedding planner of a Bridezilla from hell. The Bridezilla's sister (and also bridesmaid) got pregnant.

The Bridezilla informed her that her pregnancy was inconvenient and threw a fit at her poor timing because the dress would have to be altered to handle the pregnancy, blah blah blah. I fled to another room and shut the door, but they were having it out so loudly I could still hear the fight.

After what seemed like an eternity, the sister said coldly; "We've been trying for three years. While the wedding may be your day, you knew what I was going through to get the chance to have a baby."

Bride: "Well then I guess you can't be in my wedding, because I don't want to deal with the problems your pregnancy will cause."

While I stood there, flabbergasted, I heard nothing but silence and then the quiet shutting of the door. The sister had walked out without another word.

I put on my best retail face and continued with the plans. A few months later, Bridezilla and Bridezilla's Mom were with me and Mom gets a phone call. Mom excused herself and left to answer. She spends most of the meeting on the phone. Towards the end, mom comes back, slowly putting her phone away.

It looks as though she's been crying.

Bridezilla: "So who was that?"

Bridezilla's Mom: "Your sister... She lost the baby..."

Carolanne omgYep. Bridezilla's Mom has definitely been crying... right along with her poor, distraught daughter on the other end of the phone. My heart breaks for them. There is nothing I can say to take the pain away, and there are not enough tissues in the world to mop up my sympathetic tears that are about to come to the surface.

Then this nasty little piece of work speaks up...

Bridezilla: "Oh. Well, I guess she can be in my wedding then, since she's not pregnant anymore."

I have never seen something snap behind another person's eyes before. It's scary as FUCK. I was wondering what the minimum safe distance was for the upcoming explosion and was rapidly coming to the conclusion that there wasn't a chance it hell I'd make it to the door, much less anywhere near the end of the blast zone.

Then Bridezilla's Mom turns to me and speaks in this deadly soft, deadly calm, voice; "I'm so sorry to have wasted your time, but it looks as though I won't be financing the wedding anymore. It looks like my daughter will be taking over paying for everything. I hope this doesn't cause your business any trouble."

Bridezilla, suddenly horrified and in panic mode: "MOM?!"

"I understand, ma'am," I say, giving Bridezilla's Mom a brilliant smile. "I think we can sort out the snags."

Bridezilla freaked the fuck out; shrieking, waving her arms, screeching horrified questions, and getting more and more panicked as Bridezilla's Mom coldly refuses to answer the demanding "why?!?!?!?!" of her 'sudden and unexplained' refusal to pay for the wedding.

Bridezilla's Mom left, her back ramrod straight; trailed by her hysterical, sociopath of a daughter.

The wedding was cancelled entirely, twenty four hours later. 



Wedding Hell: Wedding Planner Rains Havoc On Wedding


Bridezilla 3From Karmasmatik, AskReddit

A bit of a counterpoint but I actually had an opposite experience with a wedding-planner-zilla. We got married at this fantastic venue in the Texas hill country and they provided us with a "day-of" coordinator who was only supposed to be there to work with the vendors while we're getting dressed and, you know, married...

After one meeting and a couple phone conversations with this person we realized she was going to be very little help, so we made sure our vendors knew everything we wanted and even sent schedule updates the morning of the event. I don't know what her problem was, and it may have just been incompetence and not bad intentions, but she proceeded to rain sabotage down on our wedding day.

The last thing I do, after getting dressed and ready but before going to the altar, is go meet with the caterers and bartenders who have just arrived to make sure everything has been communicated. Then I go down to the ceremony and wait at the altar. Thirty minutes later the wedding path finally starts entering. The Best Man and Maid of Honor enter last.

Then nothing. For another thirty minutes. I'm understandably a little concerned at this point. The musician is confused and I'm not sure what his signal was supposed to be but "here comes the bride" plays three times and no bride. Finally she enters and everything goes perfectly. Ceremony ends, pictures start.

Coordinator lady leads guests to cocktails while family stays for photos. Family leaves while I take more pictures with my beautiful new wife, strutting around on cloud 9. We talk a little and I found out all the delays were just because the wedding planner "thought we needed to wait" and "couldn't find the bride." She 'couldn't find the bride' because the wedding coordinator TOLD her to wait off at some distant point and then just left her there.

Carolanne Has FreddyWhatever fuck it. We keep taking pictures.

Then the coordinator finds us and she informs us that dinner is being served without us because she basically told all the vendors to disregard our schedule and instructions because "it wasn't going work anymore."

I spoke to the caterer, this conversation happened while my wife was standing there with her father waiting to start the ceremony.

So we are forced to rearrange our reception, since we were planning to enter and do our first dance before dinner. Not the biggest deal to me, but upsetting since my wife spent an unreasonable amount of time planning every detail.

What really stood out was that the coordinator was being such a bitch while delivering the news, and rudely refusing to answer questions or discuss anything, that not only my wife was crying but our photographer had broken into tears she felt so bad for us. On our wedding day she made my wife cry and told her to shut up a couple times.

I was not pleased.

Overall the wedding was fantastic and the ceremony was beautiful once it actually happened, the reception was the party of the decade and upon reflection the turbulence she caused wasn't even noticed by most of our guests. But I will never forget that bitch that darkened the brightest day of my life, and I will never know if she did so out of malice, incompetence, or just because she was too apathetic to listen to a word we had said to her.



Bridezillas: Bride Tries To Play Hardball, Gets It Back In Spades


Bridezilla 2From thatsmistersir, AskReddit

I was the wedding sales person at a Hotel that was going through a rough patch so I really didn't have much of a choice when it came to clients. There was one bride in particular that drove me crazy. She had been a problem for a few months before I was hired, I remember the Director of Sales telling me that I was inheriting a handful. I figured that no one could be THAT bad and laughed it off. I should have listened.

Our first meeting she presented me with a detailed list of why my venue was a piece of shit. Her fiancee spent the whole time looking defeated.

Our second meeting she brought the absolute worst reviews on Trip Advisor (printed off) from as far back as 2003 and used these as a bargaining tool. She hadn't signed the contract yet so I was very ready to walk away from this at that point but my bosses insisted we needed the revenue.

After this I started playing hardball and told her that another couple was interested in their date and that if she didn't sign within 2 days I'd be selling it to them. This was bullshit mind you, I hoped she would go away at this point but instead asked for the contract immediately. I, being forced to oblige, sent it but with extra clauses.

1. She would pay menu price for any food or beverage ordered.

2. At the hotels discretion we were allowed to terminate the contract for any reason without penalty.

3. Her attrition didn't scale. It was 90% period if she backed out of the contract.

She signed and obviously didn't read it. During the tasting she started coming down on me pretty hard because she didn't feel that the wine was worth $6 a glass. I offered her Franzia as an alternative for $5.50 a glass but reminded her that I wouldn't negotiate menu prices per the contract.

She finally went back and read the thing and asked me about the other additions. I informed her that it was to protect me against "Bridezillas."

After that she was far more agreeable.



Bridezillas: Hubby Has Had Enough


Bridezilla 3From RHUer

This happened at our bridal store.

Bridezilla came in with fiance, and flipped shit about how the bridesmaid dresses weren't the exact same color as the tablecloths they had picked out.

The store had stressed to her that the photo online wasn't totally accurate, she ignored them and ordered that color anyway.

In the middle of her scream fest, the fiance held up his hand and said, "Stop."

Bridezilla stopped dead.

Fiance: "You made the photographer cry, you screamed at the caterer, and (insert another example here I forget)."

She starts screaming at him too and he just sat there, calm and patient and then he said, "Give me the ring."

Her: [Shock and rage] "WHAAATTT?!"

Fiance: "I've had enough. Give me the the ring."

She chucked the ring at him. He calmly picked it up and walked out, leaving her there like a complete fool. She just sat there for several minutes in stunned silence, then stormed out the door. We saw her on her cell phone, blubbering to somebody to come get her, as her fiance left her at the store.