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Do not correct the color on your display ...



From Lee


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When Piggy Shoppers Invade the Target Shoe Department


From May 2008, Target Slave MK's Personal Inner Circle of Shoe Hell:

"These pictures were taken on Mother's Day, aka Ego-Tripping Bitches Fucking Up My Shoe Department/Softlines Day.

Due to lots of call-ins from high school kids who I KNOW sure as hell weren't calling in to spend time with their respective mothers, we were very short staffed on the floor.

After finishing pulls, backing up, cleaning up spill after spill, etc, our mid-day zones just hadn't happened, but I didn't think it could be "that bad." HA! Just kidding!! I know how those Piggy Shoppers work, they can friggin smell it on you when you're short staffed, and they go out of their way to make your life even shittier!!

So you can imagine my "shock" when I randomly walk by the seasonal aisle to find that MYSTERIOUSLY, all my shoes have abandoned their baskets and found their way into heaps on the floor. Not only that, but the other aisles were FUBAR as well.

In the next picture, please note that aside from one backwards facing shoe, one aisle has absolutely no display shoes left on the shelves, but interestingly enough there is a fucking fast food cup roosting on my displayer.


I would like to add that the next aisle over has a courtesy phone with a trash can underneath. Hmm.

Anyway, we get cracking on picking up after these PIGGY "GUESTS" and we're getting ready to move on to another department when I happen to hear lots of loud, annoying bickering coming from the other end of my now perfectly zoned shoes.

Again, to my "surprise", I find a mother-daughter tag team, ripping box after box off the shelf, shoving shoes into random spots where they CLEARLY did not belong, and leaving heaps of nasty shoes all over the floor.

So what am I supposed to do, go up to them and ask them to stop?

Actually, I've done that before, but I figured it would be a lot more satisfying to belly-crawl through infants and take a cellphone picture around the corner to send into RHU!! There they are, caught in the act like dirty animals:


In this next picture is just a sample of the mess the nasty swine left for us:


All in all, Mother's Day sucked hard. I hope all my fellow Slaves are doing well, I feel your pain! Just remember, the customer may always be right, but the guest is always wrong, and most of them are just total pigs from hell!"



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Monstrous Customers: "What? is Target a bag-it-yourself store?"



From Joseph, May 2008:

I work at Target. It was January 2007. I'm ringing this guy up, he's at about $150, and I'm placing some pears he has on the scale to weigh them.

It comes out to $1.46.

The guy yells - yes, he yells - "Hey, I saw that! Why don't you take your hands off the scale and run that again!"

I said, "Sir, my hands were nowhere near the scale, but, I'll run it again anyway."

I ring up the pears, with my hands held in the air like I was being robbed.

The price? $1.46.

I let it go, and don't say a thing. Everything is fine until I hand the guy the reciept, saying "Thank you, have a good night sir."

He replies, "What? is Target a bag-it-yourself store?"

I said to him, "No sir, I've bagged them. Target is a put-your-own-bags-in-your-own-cart store."

His face turns red and he asks to see the manager. My line was building up, so i said, "Sir, I have 2 managers, they're both on lane 18. Pick one, and have a goodnight."

He whips back with, "You're somethin' else! I'm never shopping here again!!!"

In a calm voice, I replied, "Well, sir, at least we'll both be happy."

The man looked right at me, turned his head and his cart towards the exit, and walked out. I haven't seen him since, and it's been almost a year-and-a-half.

..and yes, I'm still happy...


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Customer Rejects: From Targets to Arcades



September, 2009:

Arcade Antichrist found an unbelievable custy reject at Target - on top of a freezer! The reject is apparently a toy register. Was it the reaction of a parent tired of saying no? Or many the worlds Tallest Man was shopping at Target.

Below, Arcade also sent a "reject" from his world of Retail Hell.

When the balls end up in places they shouldn't.



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Awesome Retail Slaves - The Perfect Comeback Line


This story was originally posted on December 06, 2009

Awesome retail slavesAn Anonymous Retail Slave at a Big Box Store wants to give a shout out to one of her Managers and we're following it up with a Retail Balls Award!

I work service desk at the store with the Bullseye, and am lucky enough to have a pretty good management team.

I haven't had to exercise my Retail Balls yet, but this is for the GSTL I was working with last night.

A woman came up to the service desk asking to speak to a store manager.

I said "Of course, let me call her for you".

Psychobitch jabs a finger in the direction of my GSTL and says "Is SHE your manager? I want to speak to someone else!!"

So I page the LOD.

He comes over and this lady starts ranting at him.

What it amounted to was she wanted a discount on something, and my GSTL wouldn't give it to her.

Suzy (name changed to protect the innocent) is usually very good about giving discounts due to damage, wrong signs, etc so if this lady didn't get the discount, I knew damn well she didn't need it.

My LOD didn't give it to her either, and that was the last I heard from her.

Suzy came over later and told me that Psychobitch walked by her and said "You a dumb bitch".

Suzy smiled beatifically and said "Thanks, and you are too!"

I'm in awe of her ability to tell someone to suck a donkey dong, but with a smile, and that's why I love working with her.

--Anonymous Bullseye Slave



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Bullseye Hell: "Well, do you know anyone who DOES know what they are doing?"



From RHUer, September, 2009:

This story is one that happened to me, just earlier TODAY!!

Bullseye HELL!!!

Victim/Me-Cashier at Target

The following happened while at work as a cashier-

*I am ringing up a guest and have many guests in line behind the current one. We are very busy..and of course it happened.

A fairly large woman (I refuse to call her a "lady") comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder.

Before I can ask how I can help her, she starts talking.

Her: "Where do you got Jonas Brothers stuff" (Keep in mind this was a middle-aged women, no doubt looking for a gift for her teeny-bopper daughter)

Me: "Well, you'll have to be more specific, like what exactly are you looking for?"

Her:"I dunno, just stuff. With The Jonas Brothers"

Me: "Well, in electronics we have DVDs, and CDs, in stationary we have folders with them on it, and I think in bedding section we have pillows and sheet sets, might any of that interest you?"

Her: "NO! I what else you got, where do you got it"

Me: "Well, we have no specified Jonas Brothers area, and I can't help you unless you can specify at least what type of item your looking for.

*all this WHILE i am still ringing up "GUESTS" All of them look just as exhausted as I do from answering inane questions. By this point I feel like I'm talking in circles to a 9-year old*

Customer: "So your saying you don't know what else?"

Me: "I'm not saying that I just need you to..."


Customer: "Well, do you know anyone who DOES know what they are doing?"

This was actually a pointless question as she waddled away before I can answer her.

I swear, If there's anything I hate more than the Jonas Bros, it's idiotic "GUESTS" like her.

*Sigh* Another day another dollar