RHU Tales From The Custy Side: Not Their Proudest Moment At Bullseye


Carolanne 003From RHUer

I'm not sure if I sinned or not in the past, RHU. I'll leave the verdict in your hands.

I was in a Bullseye, and the one thing they tended to be really rabid about is pushing their 22% interest store credit card. I don't want it. I don't need it. And it's 2008 when every-fucking-body is broke in the recession and market housing crash. Not that Bullseye cares.

But when I'm rung up, guess what pops up on the screen? Yup, the prompt to offer the credit card.

Cashier: "Would you like to sign up for our store card?"

Me: "No thank you."

Cashier: "You get blah blah percent off, even if you aren't accepted."

Me: "I'm not interested, thank you." I start gathering my bags.

Cashier: "Would you like a pamphlet to tell you more about it?"

(Okay, I've been patient, but now I'm getting rude. I know it's not the slave's fault, and I know their manager is likely hounding them, but I've already refused twice now.)

Me: "No. I don't want your card, and I don't want your damn pamphlet. I just want my receipt and my purchase."

Cashier: "Okay, I'll just put this in your bag in case you change your mind."

Freddy2 027And he shoves it into my bag before I can bat an eye.

Aaaand this is where I snap.

I reach into the bag, yank the pamphlet out and rip it into quarters in front of him, God and about four customers in line. I raise my voice and yell.


I crumpled the remnants into paper balls and left them.

I complained to the manager, who basically spent ten minutes trying to explain why I didn't have the right or privilege to say 'no' to a credit card, because even though I had refused, there was still a hint of a glimmer of a possibility that I would change my mind.

I told the manager, in some rather rude language, that if he treated women the way he treated customers, that it was a wonder why he wasn't in jail for rape. (Not... not the best comparison, thinking back on it, especially in today's climate. I'm not proud of myself for that outburst. *cringe*)

I ended up filing a complaint with corporate that I didn't appreciate their employees trying to force me to take a credit card application after telling them 'no' several times. I refused their limp noodle apologies in the form of coupons and other mealy mouthed excuses and told them that if their store cannot take "no" for an answer, I was going to take my business elsewhere. (Urgh, I hate that line, and do my best to avoid it, but I think my filter had, by then, thoroughly popped off and it slipped out anyway.)

On one hand, I understand that Bullseye will fire you if you don't get enough sign ups. On the other, I didn't want it, I made it clear I didn't want it, and that employee and the manager basically tried to force the issue by shoving it on me anyway and then tried to justify it.

Retail sin?



Mistaken Identity: Apparently I'm not allowed red shirt and dress pants to Target




From u/Flailed I Don't Work Here Lady:

So, for the second time, the other day, I went to Target after work. I rarely go to Target as it's farther away than the other stores. I recently moved and realized that I don't have a toothbrush holder. I was wearing my red and black teacher clothes but was not wearing anything directly Target related.

Of course, for the kids, I stopped to check the clearance clothes section. Y'know, just in case.

"Excuse me, do you know where I would find a step stool?"

Oh. It happened again. I was standing in the same exact spot as about six months ago. I was wearing the same shirt. Apparently if you accidentally knock something off of the rack and put it back, you're a Target worker.

"Well, I don't work here, I can help you." I explained where the step stool was. She found it. Hell yeah. +1 for team parenting.

I go around the store and find what I need. I am walking and pushing a cart with a few things in it. A different lady walks past me.

In the snarkiest voice, she says: "Uh, you really shouldn't be wearing that here."

Me: ".........."

You see, it's not like she was looking for help. I totally would have helped her.

I kept my cool, though, guys. No one was injured that day.







Cashier Hell: “That was not my fault”



From u/okayellie, Tales From Retail:

I work at a big box retailer that unfortunately had a data breach quite some time ago.

Anyway, this happened yesterday and I’m still a little salty about it. It was busy up front so I hopped on a register to help as most of the cashiers were new.

A woman came through my line with her daughter with a bunch of school supplies. She was very pleasant until it came time to pay. She will be L for lady, and I will be M for me.

L: (inserts her card) “I don’t want to give you my pin.”

For some cards, you can bypass the pin and charge as credit, for some you can’t. I’m not sure why, the card she had was actually the same as mine which I knew was not able to bypass a pin.

M: (Apologetic) “Sorry, with the “generic” bank cards, they won’t let you bypass the pin.”

L: “Are you kidding me?”

M: “No, sorry.”

L: (As she enters her pin) “I’m not happy about giving you my pin.”

M: “Uhm. Okay sorry, ma’am.”

L: “When YOUR company leaked information I was one of the customers!”

M: “That was not my fault.”

Her receipt printed, I gave it to her with a cheerful, “have a nice day!” She huffed and left, her daughter followed behind with tunnel vision.

Yes, it twas I, but a lowly corporate slave who leaked your information lady. Sheesh.