Mistaken Identity Memories: A bit of Target Trolling



From  ReCodez, I Don't Work Here Lady:

Few years back when I was still in highschool. That one day I was wearing a plain red tshirt. Went into Target after school to get some snacks (Target was just 3-4 minutes walk from school) before I get picked up.

There I was at the chips section, trying to choose which one I want when an old lady just walked up to me and asked me something. I had my headphones on so I couldn't hear anything. Decided it was too much of a hassle to pause the music (I'm a lazy fuck) so I just did a shrug off gesture and get back to picking my chips. She stormed off quickly.

After a few mins, I was walking down the aisle toward the register. She caught up to me with a Target manager (proper uniform with name tag) and started yelling. At this point I just quietly paused my music to hear what's happening. She was going on how I was not helping her, not doing my "job", disrespectful (true),...

The manager, of course, can tell straight away that I'm just another customer. He quickly explained that to her but she didn't back off. Immediately accused me of misleading.

"Why didn't you say so? You know that's just rude and you're wasting my time... bla bla..."

So me, with all my wisdom, decided to not say anything but used body language instead. First I pointed to myself, then my mouth, then made an X with my hands. Like I was trying to tell them I am a mute (I'm not).

The manager just followed up with "You can't talk?"

Nodded. (Being a troll here)

The lady went from rage to full embarassment and nervous in 2 secs. She must have thought she shouted at a mute kid how I didn't speak up sooner.

I just hurried my ass off to the register, paid for my chips, walked as fast and as far as possible away from Target and started laughing to myself.

TL;DR: Trolled an old lady to embarrassment by pretending to be a mute.

-- ReCodez






Mistaken Identity: Pretty sure I wasn’t dressed like a Target employee



From  BellaRey331, I Don't Work Here Lady:

I frequent Target a lot, like a lot. I work at a local hospital and needed to grab a few things after work. I was in a teal scrub top, black scrub pants, and still had my hospital badge clipped to me. The Target uniform is red shirt, khaki pants. I’m looking for home decor and this deranged lady comes up to me and goes:

DL: Where’s your blue cheese?

Me: Umm I’m not sure I don’t work here. Sorry.

DL: I just saw you putting things on the shelf (I was putting back a candle I didn’t want). Show me where your cheeses are!

Me: I’m just another customer ma’am, I can’t help you.

In reality, I knew where the cheese was cause I go to Target every other day but it wasn’t my problem.

DL: Where’s your manager?! I’m going to report you.

Me: I’m sure the manager wouldn’t give a rats ass if you reported me.

DL: Get me your manager! Now!

I just started to walk away at this point and she follows me and grabs my arm to tell me I can’t walk away from her. An actually employee, possibly an assistant manager, sees this and steps between the psychopath and I before I had time to react to being touched. She ended up being escorted out without her blue cheese. It was seemingly uneventful but it brought me great joy.

-- BellaRey331








Mistaken Identity: "Only Your Kind Works At Places Like This!"


2 Uniform CarolanneFrom Blackstar75, IDontWorkHereLady

This was years ago, and I was looking for a job at the time. I had an interview in Orange County, and with LA traffic being what it usually is, I took off for the interview very early. Oddly enough, traffic was light that day and I was like an hour and a half early, so I decided to head to a mall near the interview spot to chill out until closer to the interview time.

The mall is open air and it’s kinda warm, so I think “Hey...this mall has a Target. I’ll just go in there. It definitely will be cool in there. And I’m not wearing a red polo and khakis, so there shouldn’t be any issues.” (Yes, like many others, I’ve made this mistake before. But this time, I’m in a 2 piece black suit, a blue dress shirt, silver tie, and dress shoes. )

Pull up, park, and head in. Being a gamer, I decide to head back to the electronics area and play on the demo units for a bit. When I get back there, there’s a kid playing, so I just stand there and watch him play. The kid and I start rotating turns, and just as I finish up a turn, I hear someone clearing their throat. I didn’t pay it any attention, then it happens again, but louder. I turn, and there stands an entitled jerk (EJ from this point forward).

EJ: I need some help finding headphones.

Me: Are you talking to me?

EJ: Yes I am. Now hurry up and help me find some headphones!

Bullseye 1Me: What makes you think I work here? (Right about then, I spot two Target employees walking a couple of aisles over. I point at them) Why don’t you ask those two ladies? They work here.

EJ (looking at the ladies I’m pointing at): There’s no way that those ladies work here. This job is beneath them. Only your kind works jobs like this. Now help me find some headphones before I get you fired!!!

Did I mention I’m a 6 foot black man? Now you know. Draw your own conclusions as to what he meant.

Back to the story.

Before I can say anything, another Target employee comes around the corner. Apparently she heard the tail end of what EJ had said to me. She offers to help EJ, but is that enough? Oh no.

EJ: No thank you! This arrogant individual (pointing at me) is going to find me a set of headphones like I told him to!!!

Target employee is confused, as she realizes that I’m not a coworker. I throw up my hands in frustration and say “Fuck this...I’m gone,” and start to walk off. EJ grabs me by the shoulder and tells me I’m not going anywhere until I help him.

I kept my cool, knock EJ’s hand away, and tell him to never touch me again. For some reason, this sends EJ into a cursing, screaming rage, and he starts to come after me. Luckily, a manager and a few other Target employees had shown up at this point, and step between EJ and myself. I walk away to the sounds of EJ screaming “You motherfucker!! I know you work here!! Get back here and help me!! Get out of my way!!”

Needless to say, the interview was nowhere near this exciting.